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Wedding: Bachelorette Weekend

Countdown to “I do.” – 131 days!

Alright, I figured it was time to share a handful of memories from my bachelorette weekend on Topsail Island!

All in all, it was a fabulous time full of sun, finding shark teeth, hilarious photos, sandy shorts, drinks, running in and out of the ocean at 1am, girl talk, and plenty of laughs!





Taking a dip


A huge THANK YOU to my amazing sister and maid of honor Kara, my bridesmaids Rachel, Sarah, and Jasmin, and my wonderful friends Lesley and Bethany for making my bachelorette weekend one to remember forever (even if it’s just through the photographs!)

xo Cassie

4th of July in D.C.

When deciding what to do for the 4th of July this year, Richard and I decided against Topsail Island with my parents and sister (come on, we just got back from an epic vacation with them). We also decided against drinking IPAs poolside with my friend Rachel (yep, did exactly that for the last two years in a row).

We made plans to head up to DC to spend the long holiday weekend with my brother, Patrick.

And we had a BLAST.

In roughly 80 hours, we…

…ate/drank at approximately 11 bars and restaurants…

Scorpion Bowl

Birch & Barley

Farmers, Fishers, Bakers

Old Ebbitt

…watched the 4th of July parade (and got a tad sunburned)…


…got a little touristy around the White House and National Mall and went inside the Washington Monument, which Patrick and I hadn’t done in 6 years…

White House

White House 2


…went on a moonlight boat cruise…


…watched the DC fireworks show (see title photo)…

…and spent Sunday evening at Busch Gardens where we were able to watch ANOTHER fireworks show! Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any Busch Gardens pictures. I leave my phone in the car, as I’m always paranoid about it slipping out of my pocket on a coaster.

I loved getting spending time in DC with my brother. Richard and I are slowly learning our way around, too!

Bro Sis

Thanks for a fantastic weekend, Patrick! (See you in Busch Gardens soon!)

xo Cassie

Family Trip to St. John, USVI

It’s been SUCH an adjustment coming back North Carolina after a wonderful vacation in St. John with Richard and my family. When your daily itinerary consists of “what beach should we go to today?” and your only worry is “whose turn is it to use the snorkel gear?” — that’s how you know that it’s a good vacation.

Here’s a short photo recap of the trip, with the full album being visible on my personal Facebook page…

View from deck

Skinny Legs

Yeah, I could live here.


Family at lunch

Sea turtle

Richard and I MAY have enjoyed this Caribbean getaway so much that we booked ourselves a short, 4-night cruise to Cozumel for Labor Day weekend! We sail out of Fort Lauderdale, the same port as our honeymoon in January 2015. Can’t WAIT!

We’re headed to D.C. on Thursday evening to celebrate the 4th with Patrick — I’ll be sure to document all of the delicious food and drink, as well as the fireworks show (my expectations are high!)

Have a safe and tasty holiday weekend!

xo Cassie

Memorial Day on Topsail Island

Over the last 12+ years, Topsail Island has become a second home to me and my family.

Okay, seriously, where did the time go? That’s half of my life!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been packing up the car, driving down I-40, and crossing over the swing bridge onto the island year after year since I was around 12 years old. It’s a place that holds a lot of memories for me.

Late night Dairy Queen runs and pool dips, hermit crab souvenirs, the most unbearable sunburns, July 4th fireworks on the beach, sandcastles with the most elaborate of tunnels and motes, getting honked at simply for crossing the street, playing “manhunt” with walkie talkies after midnight (and the mosquito bites that appeared the next day), playing pool in the laundromat/bar, collecting shark teeth, boogie boarding until our the tops of our feet were red from sand burn, and plenty of peel-and-eat shrimp smothered in Old Bay.

It’s a place that will always make me feel safe and welcome.

Richard and I joined my parents and sister for a Memorial Day weekend at the beach house, and it was the perfect dose of much-needed relaxation.

In a weird way, I feel proud of myself for only taking a few photos. I was really trying my best to live “in the moment” and not feel too tied down with technology. However, maybe it made for a boring blog post. Oh well!

We ate plenty of PB&J sandwiches… Also know as the best beach lunch ever.


We also went to a Memorial Day party hosted by some family friends.


And there was a gorgeous sunset on Sunday night (see title photo).

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend.

xo Cassie

Wildwood Half Marathon

This weekend was an absolute blast.

On Friday morning, Richard and I flew up to PA (and brought the rain with us) to stay with my friend Tammie so that we could all run in the Wildwood Half Marathon in NJ. We got to meet some of Tammie’s friends, eat delicious food (um, salted caramel fudge, anyone?), drink tasty beers (oh right, and margaritas!), and then run all the food and drink off on Sunday!

Okay, maybe not all of the food and drink.

I gained 3 pounds.

How exactly does one gain weight on a half marathon trip?

Oh right, the fudge.

While typing the word “fudge”, I accidently typed the word “fridge”. Which is the exact location of the leftover salted caramel fudge. HELP.

Here’s a little visual recap of our awesome weekend!

Wildwood Boardwalk

Rides at Morey's Pier


Wildwood Boardwalk

Rides at Morey's Pier 2

Water Park

Richard and I

Convention Center

I love this guy.


And I somehow beat my previous half marathon time by TEN MINUTES. Think it had something to do with the course being coastal and almost completely flat? Ha! I feel really good about it, though. I enjoyed every bit of that race.

Thank you again Tammie and Donna for a wonderful weekend — would love for you two to come down in November for the City of Oaks Half!

xo Cassie

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