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34 Weeks!

I know, I skipped a week. I’ve been hard at work getting the house in ship-shape for baby Marshall! Also, I was quite busy celebrating with friends and family, because my mom and sister hosted a beautiful baby shower for this little guy! I’m including a few photos from that event in this week’s update. I love the photo of my mom and I above, by the way!

34 Weeks

Weeks: 34 (6 to go!)

Maternity clothes: I bought these adorable white maternity jeans (shown above), but ugh… I had forgotten just how restricting denim really is. I couldn’t even squat in them! Needs more stretch! They are getting returned.

Sleep: Sleep has been SO much better now that we have a king bed. I can toss and turn with a pillow between my knees and not wake Richard up! I have, however, been generally more tired lately. I think that’s just because I’m getting bigger and needing more rest.

My little sister Kara and I at the shower!

My little sister Kara and I at the shower!

Miss anything? I miss being able to lift heavy things, put on my shoes and socks comfortably, and bend over to pick things up without feeling like I’m going to topple over. My center of gravity is just so different right now.

Movement: Still tons of hiccups. His movements have become more forceful this week, as I assume he’s running out of space in that studio apartment!

Opening gifts at the shower!

Opening gifts at the shower!

Food cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary this week.

Symptoms: Still experiencing minor heartburn. Also fatigue and backaches.

Love these ladies!

Love these ladies!

Belly button: Still an innie, but definitely shallow. I actually don’t think it’s going to “pop” out.

Emotions: We set up a corner in our bedroom that is just for baby. It’s where he will eat, sleep, and have his diapers changed for the first few months. Seeing that space every morning makes me really excited for him to join our family!

Adorable cupcakes from Gigi's in Cary.

Adorable cupcakes from Gigi’s in Cary.

Best moment this week: Richard set up the crib! It’s precious. Even though baby won’t be sleeping in it for quite some time, I just love seeing his nursery space come together.

Looking forward to: Richard and I are going to see The Lion King at DPAC this week! I’ve wanted to see this Broadway production for so long, as The Lion King was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child. Oh, and I guess I should finish packing my hospital bag!

What’s going on with you this week?

xo Cassie

32 Weeks!

It’s starting to feel a bit more like springtime, which meanssssss baby’s arrival is nearing! Here’s what’s been going on this week in my pregnancy.

32 Weeks

Weeks: 32 (8 to go!)

Maternity clothes: No new finds to share this week — still living in leggings and the occasional dress.

Sleep: Our new bedroom furniture (including a KING-sized bed and mattress) is scheduled to arrive this weekend! I AM SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to get our bedroom organized, as its current state is one of the things that drives me a little bit crazy every day. If I can wake up to a room that is free of clutter and miss-match furniture, I will surely start my day so much more at-ease.

Miss anything? Ha! The weather is warming up, so I’m missing my afternoons spent at local breweries!

Taken while out on a neighborhood walk today.

Taken while out on a neighborhood walk today.

Movement: He’s hiccuping all of the time, and it’s so cute. I’m starting to feel kicks and jabs under my ribcage now, too… which is not so cute.

Food cravings: Still craving lots of yummy Mediterranean dishes. I’ve been really enjoying things like hummus, pita, lentils, tzatziki, black beans, beets, and carrots. This is great news, because I need to start eating a little better if I want to have any chance of getting my “normal” body back!

Symptoms: Nothing new to report this week.

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Belly button: Still an innie!

Emotions: Now that March is here, I am able to say “I’m having a baby NEXT MONTH”. That makes things feel very real. I’m starting to get a little sappy, but nothing too outrageous. When the nursery is complete and I can go in there, sit, relax, and think about the arrival of our little guy, I’ll likely cry.

Best moment this week: I got a haircut and color touch-up yesterday, so that was certainly a nice treat! Oh, and I indulged in the deliciousness pictured below.

Chocolate gelato milkshake with espresso from La Vita Dolce in Southern Village.

Chocolate gelato milkshake with espresso from La Vita Dolce in Southern Village.

Looking forward to: Prenatal yoga tonight, the new bedroom furniture, and my baby shower this weekend! I can’t wait to celebrate with some wonderful ladies!

xo Cassie

31 Weeks!

No nursery or baby clothing pics this week… so a handful of cat and food photos will have to suffice. You know you love the cat photos, though.

31 Weeks

Weeks: 31 (9 to go!)

Maternity clothes: As the weather begins to warm up, I’m on the hunt for comfortable (and cute, of course) maternity dresses. I’m loving that I can still get away with leggings and tops lately, but leggings are going to start to look odd when mid-March rolls around.

Sleep: Still waking up at least twice each night for trips to the bathroom. Also, I reallllllllly miss sleeping on my stomach. Like, so much.

Miss anything? As mentioned in my last post, I miss running. February has that cool, crisp air that makes running so invigorating! I see many evening walks with Richard in my near future, as I get into the “okay, I’m ready for this baby to be here” stage!

Richard explaining to Merlin that he won't be "the baby" for much longer...

Richard explaining to Merlin that he won’t be “the baby” for much longer…

Movement: Baby’s movements are a bit more slow and gradual now that he’s running out of space. I feel more turns and rolls, rather than jabs and pokes. Still hiccuping like crazy, though!

Food cravings: Mediterranean food galore! Hummus, pita, lentil salad, black beans… Oh, and donuts (from Duck Donuts, of course).


Symptoms: The heartburn creeps up during the day sometimes now. It’s annoying, but manageable.

Belly button: Still an innie!

Emotions: You guys. My eyes literally well up with tears when we watch these birth videos in our labor class at Rex Hospital. IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! And also frightening.

Best moment this week: This has been a great week so far. I had lunch with my Mom yesterday, which was a real treat (see our selfie below)! Also, Richard and I had our third (of five) classes at Rex last night where we learned about all of the various pain management options for labor. I also picked up a few hospital bag essentials today from Target… since I really need to work on starting to pack that bag!

Not our best photo... but hey, it was a rainy, bad hair day!

Not our best photo… but hey, it was a rainy, bad hair day!

Looking forward to: Richard and I leave for Asheville tomorrow morning! I suppose you can call this little getaway our official “babymoon”. I can’t wait. Will be sure to snap lots of photos and provide a recap, of course!

xo Cassie

30 Weeks!

First, how ADORABLE is this 6-12 month Patagonia down jacket?! I found it on the clearance rack at REI. Baby is going to be stylin’.

I hope that you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day weekend and that you stayed safe during our very brief little ice episode here in the Triangle. Here’s a little update from me!

30 Weeks

Weeks: 30 (10 to go!)

Maternity clothes: Well, I’m finally starting to fit into the few maternity dresses that I purchased months ago, but it’s mostly been too cold to even think about wearing them! I did wear a dress on Sunday to dress up a little for Valentine’s Day. And yes, my legs were pretty damn cold. But at least I looked cute!

Valentine's Day

Sleep: Sadly, I’ve been needing to use the entire bed to find a comfortable sleeping position… so poor Richard has occasionally (lately more often than not) been sleeping in the guest bedroom. I hate it, but when he IS in the bed with me, I am so restless! And when he isn’t in the bed, I wake up stretched across the entire bed feeling quite well-rested! I’m hoping that when our king bed arrives in early March, we can both fit in the bed comfortably.

Miss anything? Missing breweries more and more… though this is likely because we are headed to Asheville next week. Sigh.

Movement: Baby has been hiccuping daily — sometimes multiple times per day! It’s cute, but not easily felt from the outside, since the movement is so subtle.


Food cravings: Chocolate, peanut butter, and cheeses (goat cheeses and various gruyeres, to be specific) — baby is going to have quite the palate!

Symptoms: Mild heartburn at night.

Belly button: Still an innie!

Emotions: I had my first VERY realistic baby dream a couple of nights ago! Granted, the baby in the dream was a girl, but holding the baby and kissing her little forehead still seemed very real. This dream likely signifies how little time we have left before our little guy is here!!


Best moment this week: On Valentine’s Day, I unexpectedly had the day off! And, since Richard and I rarely get to spend an entire day together, we planned a day of fun activities around Chapel Hill and Durham. We started the morning off with a gentle yoga class at Carrboro Yoga Company. I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only pregnant lady in the class! The instructor had plenty of modifications for us, so that we could participate fully while staying comfortable. From Carrboro, we ventured to Durham and enjoyed a delicious brunch at Vin Rouge, a delightful French bistro. After brunch, we headed back toward Chapel Hill to see the long-running “Carolina Skies” show at the Morehead Planetarium on UNC campus! We closed out the day with gelato affogatos at La Vita Dolce and picked up a few groceries (for a dinner at home) at Weaver Street Market in Southern Village. We had such a great time exploring our local community!

Looking forward to: My massage today (yay!) and Richard and I are going to dinner with friends this evening in downtown Raleigh!

xo Cassie

Hello, Third Trimester!

So, I don’t intend on turning this into a “mommy blog”, but I would like to share weekly pregnancy updates from here until our little guy’s arrival! The first trimester crawwwwwled while the second one flew by, so I’m definitely anxious to see how the third and final will go.

29 Week Bump

Weeks: 29 (11 to go!)

Maternity clothes: I’ve been wearing my various Athleta maternity leggings almost every day for the last couple of months — so glad that it’s winter! I occasionally wear my normal jeans for a night out. I’m still fitting into them just fine when they are unbuttoned (with the hair-tie trick) and of course with my trusty BellaBand! As far as tops, I’ve been mixing maternity (mostly from Target and StitchFix) and normal loose-fitting tops, typically with an Athleta tank underneath for a little extra coverage and support.

Faux plant

Sleep: While sleep is getting more uncomfortable, I feel lucky that I’ve only had a couple of terrible nights thus far. I certainly toss from side to side (and I really miss sleeping on my stomach), but I am currently sleeping with just my normal pillow. I tried a “pregnancy (body) pillow”, and it was too overwhelming. Maybe I just move around too much to have a giant pillow engulfing me. Unfortunately, I get up at least twice each night to pee each and every night. It’s all so glamorous!

Miss anything? I mostly miss going to breweries and enjoying as many delicious craft beers as I want! I miss raw oysters, too.

Baby boy clothes

Movement: From kicks to rolls to jabs, this guy moves around every single day now. It’s really neat (and weird) to see his movements from the outside! I joked to Richard that perhaps our baby will be the next Arsenal star player!

Food cravings: Popcorn shrimp (which I so happily devoured for dinner last night) and chocolate. But when do I not crave chocolate?

Laundry basket

Symptoms: Heartburn at night and some sleepiness in the afternoon.

Belly button: Still an innie!

Emotions: Same old me — I haven’t cried or gotten emotional about anything… yet!

Best moment this week: I got to see the renovation progress on my brother’s house in downtown Raleigh on Tuesday and I treated myself to coffee and a pastry at Night Kitchen while in the area. And oh yeah, this trimester is all about that TREAT YO SELF.

Looking forward to: We start our childbirth classes at Rex Hospital on Tuesday, so I’m both excited and nervous about that. And then on Wednesday, I have a prenatal massage around lunchtime followed by an OB appt in the afternoon to see how baby is progressing!

Nursery updates

It seems like there is a pregnant blogger boom happening right now — if you’re out there, I’d love to hear how you’re feeling lately!

xo Cassie

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