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39 Weeks!

Well, here we are. I’m 39 weeks (and 3 days, but who’s counting?) and we’re more than ready to meet our little baby. Richard actually has a big work project starting tomorrow, so perhaps little man can help his Daddy get out of it by deciding to grace us with his presence soon?!

We had a lovely weekend. The weather was gorgeous, so Richard was able to tackle a few yard projects. You know, things that we won’t have time for when baby IS here. Yesterday, we spent the day out and about in Raleigh. We visited the North Carolina Museum of Art where we ran into my high school art teacher, Mrs. Harrell — what a nice surprise! We also wandered around the museum park, snapped a few photos, and even witnessed a sweet couple’s engagement!


Richard and I

From the museum, we headed to Hillsborough Street to pick up some summertime brews from Red Line Beer & Wine, an awesome new bottle shop. And we ended up at Irregardless Cafe (no surprise there) for a delicious vegetarian dinner paired with live music.

Here’s what’s been going on this week in my pregnancy, as well as some snaps of baby’s setup in our master bedroom. I’ll be sharing nursery photos tomorrow, too!

39 Weeks

Weeks: 39 (due date is Friday!)

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, as I’m now looking at nursing tops and dresses.

Sleep: It’s been hit or miss lately. I’m getting up to pee anywhere from 2-5 times each night now, which can really ruin even a seemingly great night’s sleep. Sooo yeah.


Miss anything? I miss being able to tie my own shoelaces without doing crazy contortionist moves.

Movement: Still hiccuping, rolling, and stretching!

Food cravings: Peanut butter and chocolate anything.

Symptoms: Bladder pressure like woah, backaches, and minor heartburn.

Cozy corner

Belly button: Super shallow innie!

Emotions: I haven’t gotten overly-emotional once during this entire pregnancy, but Richard says that’s just not really in my nature anyways. I know I’m in for a hormonal roller coaster when this baby arrives, though!

Master bedroom

Best moment this week: Spending time at the art museum park on Sunday. It was just such a pretty day, and I loved being able to get some exploring / walking in with Richard.

Looking forward to: HOPEFULLY having this baby soon! I’d love for this to be my final “weekly” update… but I have a feeling this little man is going to be late. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Have a beautiful week!

xo Cassie

38 Weeks!

Okay, so this week’s maternity photo-op isn’t the most glamourous, but nothing is comfortable anymore! So don’t judge me and my comfy hoodie.

38 Weeks

Weeks: 38 (2 to go!) Though I’m not-so-secretly hoping that this little guy decides to make an early appearance…

Maternity clothes: Nothing new. I discovered that a super-stretchy Athleta dress from 2 years ago fits me and the bump, so I’ve worn that a few times recently!

Sleep: I’ve actually been sleeping pretty well lately. Part of that may be because I know my sleep is going to change drastically as soon as this baby arrives. I still get up to use the bathroom, but I typically fall right back to sleep, which has been a welcome change!

Miss anything? Warm weather is coming, and I’m ready to sit outside and enjoy a cold one!

Movement: Still hiccuping, rolling, and stretching!

Food cravings: Goodberry’s frozen custard. Chocolate with Oreo cookies. That is my jam. But hey, it’s always been my jam.

Symptoms: Heartburn hasn’t been as bad for the last two weeks, whew! My lower back sort of aches. Not much to complain about this week, except that I’m feeling huge. I’ve been walking about 2-3 miles every day for the last week, and I plan on continuing this until baby arrives. Gotta “walk this baby out”!

Belly button: Super shallow innie!

Emotions: I”ll put it this way — I’m 38 weeks pregnant and binge-watching Call the Midwife. This can’t be normal.

Best moment this week: Lots of great things happening recently! Richard and I picked baby’s pediatrician! Our hospital bags are packed and waiting by the front door. We enjoyed a delicious brunch on Saturday at our favorite Raleigh restaurant (Irregardless Cafe) and a lovely walk along Hillsborough Street — and even a quick visit to CVS to chat with my brother Patrick!

Looking forward to: My sister Kara turns 20 tomorrow, and even though I won’t see her on her birthday, I hope she has a wonderful birthday week. It’s funny because all three of us “kids” will be in our 20s, but only for two months and then Patrick turns 30!

I hope you have a great week!

xo Cassie

36 Weeks!

Ahhh, it’s springtime! And here in North Carolina, we’ve got beautiful flowers (and plenty of pollen) to prove it. Here’s what going on this week in my pregnancy… and some recent spring-y photos, too!

36 Weeks

Weeks: 36 (4 to go!)

Maternity clothes: Nothing new! I’m just mixing and matching what I already own at this point. This little Johnny Was kimono is my new favorite thing, though.

Sleep: My lower back is starting to ache more, so sleep hasn’t been the greatest. Also, I’m getting up at least twice every night to use the bathroom.


Miss anything? As adorable as the little kicks and rolls are, they can also be kind of annoying. Getting punched in the bladder isn’t the greatest feeling. I guess what I’m trying to say is… I think I’ll be pretty happy to no longer be housing another human.

Movement: Baby’s hiccups are less frequent, but little twitches and giant rolls are happening more. The twitches sometimes remind me of the shakes that dogs do after they’ve come in from the rain! Like, what is he doing in there?!


Food cravings: I’ve been eating cereal every day again. Special K Vanilla Almond, baby!

Symptoms: Heartburn almost every night. Backaches. Occasional dizziness. Fatigue. Breakouts.


Belly button: It’s an innie, but kind of looks like an outtie through clothing! Belly buttons are weird.

Emotions: Still no grand emotional breakdowns. Richard, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Best moment this week: This was my last full week at work! The bigger I get, the more uncomfortable I get being on my feet for long periods of time, so I think I picked a great time to start tapering off at work. Also, the carseat is officially installed! We’re ready for you, little baby!

Looking forward to: Family time this weekend, finishing my hospital bag, and a final prenatal massage!

xo Cassie

34 Weeks!

I know, I skipped a week. I’ve been hard at work getting the house in ship-shape for baby Marshall! Also, I was quite busy celebrating with friends and family, because my mom and sister hosted a beautiful baby shower for this little guy! I’m including a few photos from that event in this week’s update. I love the photo of my mom and I above, by the way!

34 Weeks

Weeks: 34 (6 to go!)

Maternity clothes: I bought these adorable white maternity jeans (shown above), but ugh… I had forgotten just how restricting denim really is. I couldn’t even squat in them! Needs more stretch! They are getting returned.

Sleep: Sleep has been SO much better now that we have a king bed. I can toss and turn with a pillow between my knees and not wake Richard up! I have, however, been generally more tired lately. I think that’s just because I’m getting bigger and needing more rest.

My little sister Kara and I at the shower!

My little sister Kara and I at the shower!

Miss anything? I miss being able to lift heavy things, put on my shoes and socks comfortably, and bend over to pick things up without feeling like I’m going to topple over. My center of gravity is just so different right now.

Movement: Still tons of hiccups. His movements have become more forceful this week, as I assume he’s running out of space in that studio apartment!

Opening gifts at the shower!

Opening gifts at the shower!

Food cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary this week.

Symptoms: Still experiencing minor heartburn. Also fatigue and backaches.

Love these ladies!

Love these ladies!

Belly button: Still an innie, but definitely shallow. I actually don’t think it’s going to “pop” out.

Emotions: We set up a corner in our bedroom that is just for baby. It’s where he will eat, sleep, and have his diapers changed for the first few months. Seeing that space every morning makes me really excited for him to join our family!

Adorable cupcakes from Gigi's in Cary.

Adorable cupcakes from Gigi’s in Cary.

Best moment this week: Richard set up the crib! It’s precious. Even though baby won’t be sleeping in it for quite some time, I just love seeing his nursery space come together.

Looking forward to: Richard and I are going to see The Lion King at DPAC this week! I’ve wanted to see this Broadway production for so long, as The Lion King was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child. Oh, and I guess I should finish packing my hospital bag!

What’s going on with you this week?

xo Cassie

32 Weeks!

It’s starting to feel a bit more like springtime, which meanssssss baby’s arrival is nearing! Here’s what’s been going on this week in my pregnancy.

32 Weeks

Weeks: 32 (8 to go!)

Maternity clothes: No new finds to share this week — still living in leggings and the occasional dress.

Sleep: Our new bedroom furniture (including a KING-sized bed and mattress) is scheduled to arrive this weekend! I AM SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to get our bedroom organized, as its current state is one of the things that drives me a little bit crazy every day. If I can wake up to a room that is free of clutter and miss-match furniture, I will surely start my day so much more at-ease.

Miss anything? Ha! The weather is warming up, so I’m missing my afternoons spent at local breweries!

Taken while out on a neighborhood walk today.

Taken while out on a neighborhood walk today.

Movement: He’s hiccuping all of the time, and it’s so cute. I’m starting to feel kicks and jabs under my ribcage now, too… which is not so cute.

Food cravings: Still craving lots of yummy Mediterranean dishes. I’ve been really enjoying things like hummus, pita, lentils, tzatziki, black beans, beets, and carrots. This is great news, because I need to start eating a little better if I want to have any chance of getting my “normal” body back!

Symptoms: Nothing new to report this week.

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Belly button: Still an innie!

Emotions: Now that March is here, I am able to say “I’m having a baby NEXT MONTH”. That makes things feel very real. I’m starting to get a little sappy, but nothing too outrageous. When the nursery is complete and I can go in there, sit, relax, and think about the arrival of our little guy, I’ll likely cry.

Best moment this week: I got a haircut and color touch-up yesterday, so that was certainly a nice treat! Oh, and I indulged in the deliciousness pictured below.

Chocolate gelato milkshake with espresso from La Vita Dolce in Southern Village.

Chocolate gelato milkshake with espresso from La Vita Dolce in Southern Village.

Looking forward to: Prenatal yoga tonight, the new bedroom furniture, and my baby shower this weekend! I can’t wait to celebrate with some wonderful ladies!

xo Cassie

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