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Aiming for Balanced

Full-disclosure: I am a SparkPeople-turned-MyFitnessPal addict.

I am well-versed in counting calories, tracking sugar and sodium intake, monitoring daily activities, etc.

Yet, things have changed.

My diet and activity level over the last 7 months has been vastly different from my “normal” habits. The truth is, with the arrival of our little guy only two short months away, it’s time to start rethinking my habits. Yes, I’ve been enjoying my fair-share of indulgences whilst pregnant. Pfffft, why shouldn’t I? However, all along, I’ve kept in mind that I’d like to return to my “normal” eating/fitness habits as soon as possible.

The truth is, it’s been difficult.

I enjoy being active. I enjoy cooking healthy meals. I certainly enjoy seeing the results of hard work.

For example, I had every intention of continuing to run throughout as much of my pregnancy as possible. Instead, I missed out on two half-marathons in the fall because my body wasn’t in a place to train. Hell, the first trimester can be summed up like this: feeling hungover every single morning without the thrill of actually getting drunk the night before.

By the time the second trimester rolled around, I felt great. I actually felt pretty fantastic. I walked some, but I was afraid to run.

I hadn’t run in months.

The fitness aspect of my life fell completely to the wayside because I was terrified to push myself past “uncomfortable”.

I wanted so badly to run, but I didn’t want to injure myself or overdo it and somehow threaten my baby’s life.

You see, it’s too easy to read about the woman who gave birth hours after finishing a marathon in Chicago and wonder why that couldn’t be me. But hey, all pregnancies are different!

The bottom line is, my whole life is about to change. I don’t know what I’m in for. I do know that I’m not aiming for an outrageously perfect lifestyle.

I’m just over here aiming for balanced.

xo Cassie

Snow Day Adventure

On Sunday, we finally experienced a day of beautiful sunshine. The sun began quickly melting the snow and ice in our neighborhood, water rolling off rooftops like little monsoons. Richard and I ventured out for a brisk walk and to check the ice status of nearby roads. The top photo shows kids and adults (and even a couple of dogs!) sledding down a large hill near our house.

Snow Piles

Any snow that had accumulated in the clubhouse parking lot had been piled high by plows.


Richard, looking dashing.


“Now take one of me!”

Power lines

We stood here for a bit, listening to the faint eerie buzz of the power lines.


The lovely neighborhood clubhouse.

BBQ truck

A BBQ food truck set up shop in the parking lot. No customers, though. I would think that most people on neighborhood walks are likely to leave their wallets at home!


Gretchen preferred to stay all snuggled up indoors – near the fireplace, of course.


Alas, yesterday’s roads were in much better shape… and Monday beckoned.

xo Cassie

7 Fab Spring Fashion Finds

Ah, spring.

Flowers, picnics, cool breezes, al fresco coffee dates, the birds, and the bees (ha).

Spring fashion this year is all about pattern play, bold pops of color, and yes… that oh-so comfy gym-to-street look. I have certainly been hitting the gym, because warmer weather is drifting our way and summer will be here before you can say “spring cleaning”!

If you happen to be doing some closet spring cleaning, here are my top picks for your spring wardrobe.

7 Fashion Trends for Spring 2015 //

1. Athleta’s Ariel Aspire Ankle Pant in “Black / Silver Shimmer” – $84

2. Baggu’s Canvas Duck Bag in “Poppy” – $26

3. Athleta’s Sugar Wash Tank in “Baja Blue” – $44

4. Patagonia’s “P6 Logo” Trucker Hat – $29

5. Pistil’s Deena Scarf in “Aqua” – $36

6. Glassy Sunhaters’ “Brandon Biebel” Sunglasses – $39.95

7. Teva’s Original Sandal in “White” – $40

Header photo shows Athleta’s Novella Dress ($118) in “Baja Blue”

Now, get out there and enjoy all that springtime has to offer!

xo Cassie

Worthwhile Weekends

What a beautiful weekend! Yes, it was a little chilly on Saturday, but we’ve been lucky enough to have sunny and cloudless skies all weekend.


Saturday morning, we had a delicious brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe in North Hills with our friends Gerry and Erika and their precious little 1-year-old son, Dylan. In the afternoon, Richard and I walked the greenway trail from Meredith College, my alma mater, to the North Carolina Museum of Art. It was nice to spend some quiet time together (and walk off the beignets). Since Richard works full time during the week, it’s really important to us that we make the most of our weekends together.

We crawled into the “Cloud Chamber” in the NCMA park.

Cloud Chamber

It may have been a little late in the afternoon to see the real camera obscura effect, but it was still really neat! After hiking around for a while, we headed over to Raleigh Brewing (across from Meredith) for a few coffee porters (see header photo).

We did a quick 3-mile run around Bond Lake in Cary today, so now I feel like being rather lazy for the rest of the afternoon.

Anddddd Gretchen spent most of the weekend napping.


xo Cassie

Healthy Snacks & Race Day

Thanks to my Mom and sister, I’ve fallen for Graze boxes.


These snack-filled recycled cardboard boxes are delivered straight to your mailbox each week… or every other week, or as often as you like! Each box contains 4 small, individually-packaged healthy snacks. The snacks range from nuts and seeds, granola bars (or “flapjacks”, as Graze calls them), dried fruits, and even “dippers”, meaning there is a small pocket of sauce or dip to accompany your snack! Yum!


Some snacks are sweet, while some are savory. I’ve been receiving my Graze boxes for months now, and it’s always a nice treat to open the mailbox each Monday to find a new box!

I throw a few packs in my gym bag, so that I’ve always got something to nibble on post-workout. Shoot, I even keep a few in my purse for those days when errands take much longer than I anticipated! Oh, and each box contains a nutritional information insert with the details of each snack. Super helpful for those of us using MyFitnessPal.

Anyways, race day is coming up (yet again!) this Sunday — the Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon & Half-Marathon!


This will be my fourth half-marathon, and it will also mark the very special 1-year since my first big race. The 2013 City of Oaks was the first half-marathon for both Richard and myself! It was SUCH a sense of accomplishment (and pain), crossing that 13.1 finish line one year ago.


I worry that I have not trained on enough hills for this daunting downtown Raleigh road race… but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I beat my personal race time on Sunday, as I have with each race since November of last year.

Anyways, I’ve eaten half of a tasty Summer Berry Flapjack (the rest is for when I get back!), and now I’m out the door for a long run before my final dress fitting this afternoon! Send me some good vibes for Sunday’s big race!

xo Cassie

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