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A Nursery Tour

As baby boy will be crashing in mommy and daddy’s room for a while, his nursery isn’t exactly complete, but it’s close! Without further ado, here’s a little tour of what I like to call the “woodland chic” nursery!


Crib side

Fox print





Changing corner


Orange fox


Cozy corner


Crib and mobile


Nursery Details

Crib: Babyletto “Modo” (Amazon)

Crib quilt: “Nature Trail” Baby Quilt (Land of Nod)

Crib bedding: Circo “Clouds” fitted crib sheet (Target)

Changing dresser: DaVinci “Perse” Changer (Amazon) // For the record, we do NOT recommend this product as it’s very cheaply made and a complete PAIN to put together. It certainly looks nice, but looks can be deceiving… We’ll see how long it lasts.

Chair: Hudson “Swoop” Arm Chair (Target)

Lamp: Small Metallic Gold-Plated Ceramic Base (Target)

Mirror: Square “Antique Coffee” finish (Target)

Rug: Safavieh Trellis Shag (Amazon)

Swing: Fisher Price “Rainforest Friends” (Amazon)

Bookshelves: Wall-mounted picture ledge (Target)

Adventure sign: Etsy Shop WoodenThatBeSomethin

Crib mobile: Etsy Shop PalomaEsono

Fox and botanical prints: Etsy Shop EvaJuliet

Tibetan-style flags: Handcrafted in college by yours truly 🙂

My favorite piece is definitely the precious fox and owl mobile — handmade in Toulouse, France! One can find some real gems on Etsy. I really love the pops of green and orange in this room, too. We didn’t want to paint the walls, since the light grey is such a nice neutral, so we’re using bits of color here and there to brighten up the room and make it feel cozy and welcoming.

What do you think? 🙂

xo Cassie

Decorative Garden Stakes

On a recent Target haul (yeah, going to Target is THAT dangerous), I picked up these plastic herb markers and wax crayon for my herb garden. I had previously considered the chalkboard kind… but it seemed silly to me, since any water would likely remove the writing. Or just make the writing run and look all gross.

Decorative Herb Markers //

I decided to fancy them up a bit by practicing my (not good) cursive and adding a bit of knotted twine. The best part is: there is no right or wrong way to tie them. Each one turned out slightly different, and that’s what I love about them.

Decorative Herb Markers //

Decorative Herb Markers //

Decorative Herb Markers //

Decorative Herb Markers //

With the odd exception of today, the weather is getting warmer by the day. So, I’ve been outside digging around and tending to our patio pots and planters. GIRL, dirt under my nails and evvvvverythinggggg.

It’s fine, I haven’t had a manicure since January.

Hm, excuse to get one?

Maybe so. (Like my rationalization?)

For real, I’m trying my best to spruce things up in time to use the patio for entertaining before it gets WAY TOO HOT. Because if you live in NC, you know ALL TOO WELL that springtime goes a little something like this:

Day 1 of Spring – Wow, what a pleasant and beautiful day… I wish it could stay 75 degrees forever!


Have you starting grilling? Planting herbs and veggies? Decorating your patio or deck? I’d love to hear!

xo Cassie

Office Originality

Hm, the word ‘originality’ beings to look really strange when you stare at it long enough. I double and even TRIPLE-checked that I did, in fact, spell it correctly. Just one of those words, I guess.

Moving on.

I am so so so thrilled to share with you some of the “office progress” that Richard and I have been working diligently on. We did a TON of cleaning/organizing this weekend — from closets to dresser drawers — and even switching the contents of the guest room and office completely.

I loved our guest room, but we VERY rarely have guests. In fact, I’m pretty sure only three people have ever stayed over… in almost 3 years. THEREFORE, it makes sense to use that bright and sunny room for something useful to US.

We hated using our office. In all seriousness, I’m ashamed to admit that it had actually become more of a “junk room”.

Ashamed because that makes it sound like Richard and I deserve our own episode of Hoarders.


But it’s all better now. The VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) truck just came and picked up 8 or so boxes of clothing, shoes, and random household items. Let’s be real, you know you don’t need something if you didn’t even know that it existed. IN YOUR OWN HOUSE.

So here are some shots of how of my little half of the office is coming along!




Gallery wall

I added the “gallery wall” today. Not sure if I’ll continue to add pieces, or just switch things out to keep it interesting without being overwhelming. I’m really happy with how light and airy the workspace feels, though. Very girly and far from “office-y”.

And here’s little Ellie, hanging out next to me and watching for birdies!


What do you think? Do you have a little sanctuary in your home?

xo Cassie

A Tranquil Space

Thanks to wedding registry gifts from our friends and family, I’ve been slowly transforming our bedroom into a more calm and tranquil space for relaxing, daydreaming, reading, and sleeping.

The bed is now decked out in Target’s Fieldcrest Luxury 500 thread count sheets in a subtle “geometric” pattern. We’ve got these sheets in “True White” as well as “Shadow Teal”. The duvet cover is a cotton/linen blend by Target’s Threshold brand.

By the way, we’re so excited to have a real duvet and duvet cover!


Last year’s Etsy headboard purchase works with any bedding, but here we’ve gone for a super-crisp white/ivory/grey color palette.



In my opinion, the headboard ties it all together.

Bed and Headboard

Our flag pillows (a 2013 World Market find) have migrated from the living room to the bedroom. I am craaaaazzzzy about the quirky effect that they have on our bed — so fitting!

We’ve also added a gorgeous end-of-bed bench (with storage!) and a cozy textured organic cotton throw blanket.


Detail Blanket

The artwork over our bed is an original painting by a former Meredith College classmate, Cheryl Harrison, who sadly and unexpectedly passed away last January. In 2010, when she and I were both students, I spotted it during a college art sale and told her that I was absolutely captivated by it — and I bought it from her. One of my favorite works of art is Picasso’s Guernica , and I love Cheryl’s kaleidoscopic and upbeat interpretation.


Do you have a serene bedroom? What makes your bedroom cozy? I’d love to hear more tips and tricks!

xo Cassie

It’s Beginning to Look…

Yep, we did our holiday decorating before Thanksgiving.


I love Christmas decorating. The candles, the greenery, the lights, the music, the cats eating the faux Christmas tree — okay, don’t love that part.

We haven’t done the outside lights yet, as we don’t want the neighbors to think we are TOO crazy. Ha, we’ve already got the most brightly-painted house on the block.

As far as the interior goes, here’s a little photo-tour of our holiday home so far!







Kitty stocking


I just love the quirkiness of the three little stone kitties perched next to Santa Claus and the lovely African woman mini-statue. Richard and I purchased the “three wise kitties” (too cheesy?) in a little shop in Cozumel and the African statue was given to us by Richard’s Mum, who lives in South Africa.

Aaaaaand did you happen to notice the ENORMOUS tin of various chocolate Christmas candies? Richard thinks I’m insane.

Have you started decorating? I know it SEEMS early, but Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away! I really need to get cooking.

I’ll be making the ever-tasty and vegetarian-friendly Very Full Tart along with a butternut squash foccacia with thyme and honey (recipe to come!). My family is partial to red wines, so I’m bringing a robust Cabernet-Syrah blend and a spicy Malbec. For dessert, it’s going to be Nikki’s Carrot Cake Cheesecake.

Wishing you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

xo Cassie

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