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Setting the Scene for Spring

I’m going to be honest with you — I’m not ready for temperatures in the 80s.

And if it has to be hot and humid in April, I’m going to need someone to get me to the coast ASAP.

But here we are.


Birds chirping away.

Rain and humidity.

Bees angrily hovering over me as I water patio plants.

Pollen rapidly recreating the Dirty Thirties.

My hydrangea begging to be watered 4 times a day.

Springtime //

All that complaining aside, I’m so excited to share my latest Target finds with you! Our patio furniture desperately needed new cushions and some pops of color, so here’s what I decided on for the front porch.

Target's Threshold Patio Cushions and Pillows //

I’m playing up the coastal colors, since our home’s exterior paint is (to me, at least) reminiscent of a Caribbean cottage! Still working on arranging plants and things, so I’ll share more photos soon. After all, I’m just dying to show you our bright yellow front door all over again.

The herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, sage, and cilantro) are all doing well — trying my best to keep them watered in this heat.

Herb markers from Target! //

I hung out with my Mom earlier in the week and she whipped up a delicious (and simple!) warm spinach salad with quinoa, broiled shiitake mushrooms, and crumbled feta. The dressing was a classic mix of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and cracked black pepper. So good!

Warm Spinach Salad with Quinoa, Broiled Shiitake Mushrooms, and Feta //

In other news, our wedding is featured on Chatter, the Fearrington Village blog!

Click the link above to read all about how we met, our romantic engagement, the wedding day festivities, and how much Fearrington means to us both.

xo Cassie

Life Lately

Whew, it’s hard to believe that 46 days have passed since our winter wedding!


If you’re on Facebook, you’ve likely seen our wedding photos! I won’t waste time posting them here! I can’t wait to share the link to Krystal’s blog with you once she has prepared a post showcasing her beautiful photography. She did a spectacular job capturing every moment of our big day. Thanks to her collection of photographs, our wedding will never be a fleeting memory, but instead a wonderful photo-story that we can treasure forever.

Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been up to lately:

We saw Tony Bennett at DPAC last night and it was absolutely AMAZING. At 88 years young, that man certainly knows how to captivate his audience. I was a baby and cried pretty much the entire time. And this photo reminds me, I got a haircut! A “long bob”, I believe they are calling it. I had about 7 inches of hair cut off and it feels great to have lighter, more manageable hair!


Mom and I went back to Night Kitchen in downtown Raleigh after picking up my wedding gown from the cleaners. More tasty treats!

Night Kitchen

I made my prettiest dinner the other night! Yes, pretty! Grilled polenta cakes topped with homemade basil pesto, garlic-sautéed shrimp, cherry tomatoes, chopped chives, and a balsamic glaze drizzle. It tasted amazing and was certainly photo-worthy as my most-successful “plating” endeavor.


I finally got around to recreating that adorable sign that I saw at Brewgaloo — just a wooden shadow box frame, a couple of cheap bottles of acrylic paint, and two Sharpie paint markers!


Richard has been very busy at work lately, so I’m doing my best to keep things at home running smoothly — laundry, cooking, cleaning, decorating… The weather has been quite up and down lately. Warm and sunny, and then chilly and drizzly. The weekend weather is looking particularly “all over the place”, with Saturday’s forecasted high climbing to 52°F and Sunday’s only reaching 30°F. Brr! At least Valentine’s Day won’t be the cold day!

We’ve booked a romantic prix fixe dinner for two at Cary’s Belle at the Jones House, as I really enjoyed my lunch there a few weeks ago with my friend Sarah. Excited to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband!

I hope that you’re inside staying warm on this dreary Thursday afternoon. If not, grab some coffee. I hear it helps!

xo Cassie

A Brand New Chapter

It’s official — Richard and I tied the knot! On December 28th, we partied the night away with family and friends at the beautiful Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC. Our professional photos will be ready in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that! For now, I’ll just share this one photo of our first dance.

We got back from our 2-week honeymoon on Sunday afternoon and have spent the last couple nights going to bed early to get some well-needed rest. We had an absolute blast, but certainly missed the kitties!

I’m off work this week and trying to get back into a daily routine, especially since the last month has felt so incredibly chaotic. Did I mention that Richard and I were both sick the week leading up to our wedding? Meaning… the week of CHRISTMAS. Yeah, that wasn’t fun.

We’re doing much better now (whew!) and working hard to shed the ~5 lbs that we each gained from eating too much “cruise food”. I’m loving lunching on veggie sandwiches and kale salads and throwing together easy baked fish with healthy sides for dinners. I made this sandwich for myself yesterday and for Richard today (I pack his lunch — such a good wife, right?!)



So simple:

1 store-bought potato roll or onion roll
1 tbsp little light mayo
1 sliced sweet pepper (such as piquillo)
1 small sliced beet (I buy Love Beets from Whole Foods or Target)
1 slice swiss cheese (or any variety!)
a handful of alfalfa sprouts

Seriously, super yummy and satisfying.

New Year 1

Also, how cute are these “pierced” dessert plates that a friend gave us as a wedding gift?! Another thing on my to-do list: find places for all of our gifts. From beautiful Anthropologie cloth cocktail napkins to an 18-piece Pyrex set… I’ve got a lot of organizing to do!

New Year 2

I hope that you had a lovely holiday season and warmest of wishes for a fun-filled new year!

xo Cassie

Focaccia with Roasted Squash

From the moment I opened our mailbox and caught a glimpse of the November cover of Food & Wine, I knew that I had to make this bread.


Magazine 2

This sweet and savory Focaccia with Roasted Squash is topped with Maldon sea salt flakes, local honey, and fresh thyme.


For Thanksgiving, I served this as an appetizer! I just sliced the focaccia into small cubes, arranged them on a nice cutting board, topped with some extra drizzled honey and thyme leaves. My family gave it two thumbs up — Kara and I certainly kept snacking on it!

Bread 3


Wedding plans are nearly finalized! Almost time to kick back and enjoy the holidays! I love gifting; however, with the hustle and bustle of traveling guests for the holidays AND the wedding, our families have decided NOT to exchange gifts this year. So, our only Christmas gifting will be for Richard’s two little nieces.

Of course, I still need to package the gifts for our wedding party and favors for our guests! I enjoy things like that, though. It’s the logistics of things that stress me out! But we’re almost there, and Richard and I are simply looking forward to spending the holidays and our special day with the people that we love.

That’s all we want. 🙂

xo Cassie

Wedding: Bachelorette Weekend

Countdown to “I do.” – 131 days!

Alright, I figured it was time to share a handful of memories from my bachelorette weekend on Topsail Island!

All in all, it was a fabulous time full of sun, finding shark teeth, hilarious photos, sandy shorts, drinks, running in and out of the ocean at 1am, girl talk, and plenty of laughs!





Taking a dip


A huge THANK YOU to my amazing sister and maid of honor Kara, my bridesmaids Rachel, Sarah, and Jasmin, and my wonderful friends Lesley and Bethany for making my bachelorette weekend one to remember forever (even if it’s just through the photographs!)

xo Cassie

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