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Easter Sunday Scones

Just popping in to share some deliciousness with you!

Yesterday morning, Richard surprised me by whipping up Sticky Fingers Lemon Poppyseed Scones for brunch! These baking mixes can be found at World Market stores and are SO simple and delicious.

The mixes contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. And the best part: just add water and mix! You can bake them as a single round and then cut into triangles, or create individual free-form scones (as Richard did).

I decided to copy-cat my Grandmother and mix up a simple glaze that she mentioned on her blog with confectioner’s sugar and a little water — plus a squeeze of lemon juice for this batch! Dip these scones in your favorite coffee and you’re golden.

Sticky Fingers Scone Mix //

Oh, and I just adore these little wooden tulips that Richard and I brought back from St. Maarten during our honeymoon. Perfect for a springtime tablescape.

As far as decorating and dyeing eggs goes, I hard-boiled them last night, so we’re a little behind in the Marshall household. Oops! Belated Easter craft project this week, I suppose?

I hope that you had a relaxing Easter!

xo Cassie

English Pancakes

When Richard and I first moved in together, he made us “English pancakes” for breakfast. At the time, I was unaware that there was a difference between American pancakes and English ones.

Many American recipes for “homestyle” pancakes call for buttermilk. They are typically dense, yet somehow still fluffy! MY favorite American pancakes are those cooked with chocolate chips and sliced bananas. Amazing.

English pancakes are similar to crepes — light and thin. The batter is so simple, too! Flour, butter, eggs, milk, salt. Well, you can see where this post is going. My grandmother mentioned English pancakes the other day (because of Shrove Tuesday), so I asked Richard if he would make them for us!



You can find the recipe that we used for English Pancakes here. We topped ours with cane sugar and lemon juice — so tasty!

xo Cassie

Focaccia with Roasted Squash

From the moment I opened our mailbox and caught a glimpse of the November cover of Food & Wine, I knew that I had to make this bread.


Magazine 2

This sweet and savory Focaccia with Roasted Squash is topped with Maldon sea salt flakes, local honey, and fresh thyme.


For Thanksgiving, I served this as an appetizer! I just sliced the focaccia into small cubes, arranged them on a nice cutting board, topped with some extra drizzled honey and thyme leaves. My family gave it two thumbs up — Kara and I certainly kept snacking on it!

Bread 3


Wedding plans are nearly finalized! Almost time to kick back and enjoy the holidays! I love gifting; however, with the hustle and bustle of traveling guests for the holidays AND the wedding, our families have decided NOT to exchange gifts this year. So, our only Christmas gifting will be for Richard’s two little nieces.

Of course, I still need to package the gifts for our wedding party and favors for our guests! I enjoy things like that, though. It’s the logistics of things that stress me out! But we’re almost there, and Richard and I are simply looking forward to spending the holidays and our special day with the people that we love.

That’s all we want. 🙂

xo Cassie

Thanksgiving Morning

Whew, I finished my baking around 11pm last night and then had a really difficult time falling asleep. Perhaps it was the anticipation of today’s festivities and tasty treats… or maybe it was because I kept thinking, “OUR WEDDING REHEARSAL IS ONE MONTH FROM THANKSGIVING DAY!”

Yep, the REAL countdown has begun, folks. I couldn’t be more excited (which, yes, explains the sleep issues).

Rich and I are up and sharing a large French press of Colombian roast with milk, Merlin is in the window playing guard-kitty (keeping an eye on evil neighbor cat), Ellie is likely still asleep on our bed, and Gretchen is curled up on Richard’s lap purring like a diesel engine.


Speaking of Merlin, check out his lovely construction view. New homes are going up right across the street! The noise in the mornings (not today, whew!) is unbearable… You can also see how some of our plants are holding on for dear life now that the cold nights have rolled in.



Wishing you a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving.


I, for one, can’t wait to dig into this cheesecake.

xo Cassie

It’s Beginning to Look…

Yep, we did our holiday decorating before Thanksgiving.


I love Christmas decorating. The candles, the greenery, the lights, the music, the cats eating the faux Christmas tree — okay, don’t love that part.

We haven’t done the outside lights yet, as we don’t want the neighbors to think we are TOO crazy. Ha, we’ve already got the most brightly-painted house on the block.

As far as the interior goes, here’s a little photo-tour of our holiday home so far!







Kitty stocking


I just love the quirkiness of the three little stone kitties perched next to Santa Claus and the lovely African woman mini-statue. Richard and I purchased the “three wise kitties” (too cheesy?) in a little shop in Cozumel and the African statue was given to us by Richard’s Mum, who lives in South Africa.

Aaaaaand did you happen to notice the ENORMOUS tin of various chocolate Christmas candies? Richard thinks I’m insane.

Have you started decorating? I know it SEEMS early, but Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away! I really need to get cooking.

I’ll be making the ever-tasty and vegetarian-friendly Very Full Tart along with a butternut squash foccacia with thyme and honey (recipe to come!). My family is partial to red wines, so I’m bringing a robust Cabernet-Syrah blend and a spicy Malbec. For dessert, it’s going to be Nikki’s Carrot Cake Cheesecake.

Wishing you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

xo Cassie

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