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Setting the Scene for Spring

I’m going to be honest with you — I’m not ready for temperatures in the 80s.

And if it has to be hot and humid in April, I’m going to need someone to get me to the coast ASAP.

But here we are.


Birds chirping away.

Rain and humidity.

Bees angrily hovering over me as I water patio plants.

Pollen rapidly recreating the Dirty Thirties.

My hydrangea begging to be watered 4 times a day.

Springtime //

All that complaining aside, I’m so excited to share my latest Target finds with you! Our patio furniture desperately needed new cushions and some pops of color, so here’s what I decided on for the front porch.

Target's Threshold Patio Cushions and Pillows //

I’m playing up the coastal colors, since our home’s exterior paint is (to me, at least) reminiscent of a Caribbean cottage! Still working on arranging plants and things, so I’ll share more photos soon. After all, I’m just dying to show you our bright yellow front door all over again.

The herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, sage, and cilantro) are all doing well — trying my best to keep them watered in this heat.

Herb markers from Target! //

I hung out with my Mom earlier in the week and she whipped up a delicious (and simple!) warm spinach salad with quinoa, broiled shiitake mushrooms, and crumbled feta. The dressing was a classic mix of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and cracked black pepper. So good!

Warm Spinach Salad with Quinoa, Broiled Shiitake Mushrooms, and Feta //

In other news, our wedding is featured on Chatter, the Fearrington Village blog!

Click the link above to read all about how we met, our romantic engagement, the wedding day festivities, and how much Fearrington means to us both.

xo Cassie

Decorative Garden Stakes

On a recent Target haul (yeah, going to Target is THAT dangerous), I picked up these plastic herb markers and wax crayon for my herb garden. I had previously considered the chalkboard kind… but it seemed silly to me, since any water would likely remove the writing. Or just make the writing run and look all gross.

Decorative Herb Markers //

I decided to fancy them up a bit by practicing my (not good) cursive and adding a bit of knotted twine. The best part is: there is no right or wrong way to tie them. Each one turned out slightly different, and that’s what I love about them.

Decorative Herb Markers //

Decorative Herb Markers //

Decorative Herb Markers //

Decorative Herb Markers //

With the odd exception of today, the weather is getting warmer by the day. So, I’ve been outside digging around and tending to our patio pots and planters. GIRL, dirt under my nails and evvvvverythinggggg.

It’s fine, I haven’t had a manicure since January.

Hm, excuse to get one?

Maybe so. (Like my rationalization?)

For real, I’m trying my best to spruce things up in time to use the patio for entertaining before it gets WAY TOO HOT. Because if you live in NC, you know ALL TOO WELL that springtime goes a little something like this:

Day 1 of Spring – Wow, what a pleasant and beautiful day… I wish it could stay 75 degrees forever!


Have you starting grilling? Planting herbs and veggies? Decorating your patio or deck? I’d love to hear!

xo Cassie

A Few Fearrington Friends

Aaaaaand we’re snowed in again.

Well, sort of.

We could probably leave the house if we had a good reason to, but we don’t… so we’re happily staying indoors keeping warm with our kitty companions.

We haven’t lost power. My parents have, so I hope that their generator keeps them warm today! I’m jealous of their fireplace, that’s for sure.

On a whim, I drove to Fearrington yesterday to play with the zoom lens a bit more. Whew, I bet the village is just stunning today, covered in a thick blanket of fresh snow. My photos show only remnants of Tuesday morning’s snow.


Baby Beltie

Baby Beltie

Whirligig by Vollis Simpson



Red-Shouldered Hawk



Song Sparrow

It was a cold, but sunny day at Fearrington. Residents were bustling around in their coats and scarves, stopping at the village post station to pick up letters and parcels, and hurrying to The Goat (the village deli and coffee shop) for hot beverages and a warm lunch.

I wish I could have captured a better photo of what I think is a Red-Shouldered Hawk — but he kept flying from tree to tree, trying hard to avoid the camera!

I love the second goat photo. In the background, you can see another goat strrreeetttccchhhing after a long nap!

The little Song Sparrow, on the other hand, was happily showing off and singing beautiful tunes for me to enjoy whilst snapping away.

I do hope that you haven’t lost electricity — and if you do, please bundle up! What a perfect evening for a bottle of good red wine and a game of Scrabble.

xo Cassie

Feathered Friends

We got more snow!

I woke up around 11am (slept in because I worked until 2am) and when I looked outside, I saw a lovely blanket of white on the ground. It’s still coming down pretty heavily, even though the forecast only had it snowing until 2pm. The roads are wet and will likely freeze overnight.

Bah, should have made that Lowes Foods run yesterday after all!

I was inspired by my Grandmother Mary (whose blog can be found here) to finally try my hand at photographing some of the birds that hang out at our feeders. With the help of Richard’s zoom lens (and a crash course on how best to use it), I managed to snap some photos of our feathered friends with a bit of snow in the background!








Stay warm and safe, my friends!

xo Cassie

After the Rain

The storms have been frequent and harsh around here lately. The hot and humid weather has returned, too, which makes venturing outside even more unbearable. The plants on our front porch and patio are soaking up every drop of water and each ray of sun, though!







And Richard got us a snazzy new hook for our bird feeder!


Here’s hoping we get a cold-front soon… I am ready for crisp fall air!

xo Cassie

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