I am sitting here trying to figure out how TOMORROW marks a mere 3 weeks until we meet our new baby boy — that is, unless he decides to arrive before the scheduled Cesarean! I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and enjoy these sweet moments with Colin. He’s been a bit more clingy / snuggly / needy lately… and I am taking every opportunity to hold and cuddle him, since I won’t be able to hold or pick him up for a little while post-surgery. He’s usually not very snugly, so this has been an unexpected (and well-timed) treat.

Weeks: 36

36 Weeks

Weight gain: 20-22 lbs

What I’m wearing: Do pajamas count? Seriously, if I’m not leaving the house, I will wear comfy pjs all day long. Who cares?! For days where I must be out and about, I’ve been wearing a pair of maternity leggings (pretty much on repeat) from A Pea in the Pod as well as occasionally squeezing into my cute designer maternity skinny jeans! I’ve worn the Liz Lange and Ingrid & Isabel maternity dresses from Target with boots a few times lately, too.

Sleep: The last couple of weeks have been a little better. I’m getting up roughly 3-4 times per night to pee, but I bought a new pillow, and LOVE IT. I also took our heavy duvet off (I know, this seems strange, since it’s started to get cold in NC…) and swapped it for this quilt. It’s white, lighter, and easier to launder. I love a beautiful fluffy duvet as much as the next person… but I see lots of crumbs, coffee drips, and milk spills in my near future. And if you have a duvet with a cover, you know how much of a pain it can be to launder and put back on. Especially for our king bed. THOSE DAMN TIES IN THE CORNERS UGHHH. This quilt can be washed and dried MUCH faster!

Miss anything? I miss running. This weather (night temperatures getting down into the 20s) is my love language. I’m also ready to enjoy some good dark beers. Winter is my jam.

Baby movement: SO much movement! Kicks, squirms, wriggles, hiccups… It feels like this baby is doing somersaults in there sometimes.

Currently craving: Hummus and naan bread, salads, ice cream, porters… ha!

Annoyances and symptoms: The Zantac helps IMMENSELY, but I still get the occasional heartburn from spicy food. Lower back pain.

Belly button: Kinda innie / almost just flat?

Emotions: Too busy cleaning, purging, organizing to even get emotional about anything! So many little things that I’d like to get done before baby arrives on 12/1!

Best moment in the last week: Colin now says his first multi-word phrase! He has a little doll and he “feeds” the doll a bottle, pats the doll’s belly, and says “Night night, baby”. MELTS MY HEART.

Looking forward to: A little neighborhood baby “sprinkle” happening on Sunday!

Stay warm, my friends!

xo Cassie