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27 Weeks!

It’s a dreary and rainy day here in Chapel Hill, so I figured it was the perfect time to share a little bump update!

Weeks: 27 (where did this basketball come from?!)

27 weeks

Weight gain: Still in the 12-15 lbs range.

What I’m wearing: It’s officially feeling like fall here (finally), so I’ve been wearing my go-to stretchy Athleta tanks underneath shirts for an extra layer. I also splurged and bought two pairs of designer maternity jeans, because I am kind of over wearing leggings every. single. day. I’ve been wearing my TOMS shoes (not chilly enough for boots yet) and sandals on warmer days.

Hotel in Asheville

Sleep: We’ve had the windows open for about a week now, and that cool and crisp air is definitely helping my sleep and giving me that “refreshed” feeling in the morning.

Colin and I

Miss anything? This weather has me wanting to stock up on all of the tasty porters and stouts! Ugh!

Baby movement: Lots and lots of kicks and wiggles.

Currently craving: Salads, believe it or not. And cheese and chocolate, so I guess those cancel out the salads…?

Colin is also a fan of sweets...

Colin is also a fan of sweets…

Annoyances and symptoms: Heartburn and achy feet.

Belly button: Still an innie, but very shallow…

Colin's face is everything in this photo.

Colin’s face is everything in this photo.

Emotions: I had a nightmare last night that my car was stolen WITH COLIN STILL INSIDE. So yeah. That was terrifying. Anyone care to analyze that dream?!

Best moment in the last week: We snuck away for an impromptu weekend in Asheville as a family of three – and it was a blast!


Colin 2

Looking forward to: More beautiful fall weather!

Anyone have fun plans this season? Fall is my absolute favorite time to travel!

xo Cassie


  1. Looking good Cassie – all of you!
    Love Colin’s expressions.
    Glad you enjoyed Asheville – always a favorite. We were in New Bern and then D.C./VA recently. Now getting ready for major house painting/repairs so no traveling for a bit.
    Stay well – think we are all awaiting the cooler weather of Autumn.
    Love and big hugs XXX

  2. OK, I just don;t know why Richard would lie about being older. No way is he a day past 27! lol. Good for him!

    Great photos and write up, as always, Cassie.

    As for plans for the Fall. YES! we hope to drive up to the mountain on Monday to see the golden aspen, hoping they’ve changed by then as most places haven;t quite yet. I am taking the day off to do it. It’s been three years since we;ve done that! To start eh day off right, we will make some creamy Cuban coffee in our thermos because, you know, who doesn’t think Cuban coffee and golden aspens? Right?! 🙂

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