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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Colin woke up too early this morning. Well, too early for me. Richard had actually just woken up, so I selfishly put him on morning baby duty, so that I could get a few more minutes of shut-eye. I somehow fell back asleep, even dreamed a little, and woke up feeling ever-so-slightly more refreshed.

I came downstairs and took over, so that Richard could leave for work. Colin happily snacked on little teething puffs while I made myself a cup of coffee. Then, I prepared Colin’s oatmeal breakfast. In the middle of me feeding him, I heard an unpleasant sound. A that-wasn’t-just-a-loud-fart sound. A few minutes later, he’s in the bathtub getting hosed off. Unpleasant, indeed. Lovely start to the morning.

You guys, at this point, it’s not even 8am.

He gets cleaned up and re-dressed. We head back downstairs to resume breakfast and much-needed coffee. We watch a little bit of television before heading up to play in his room. By 8:30am, he’s already sleepy again, since he woke up so early.

I put him down for a nap. As I’m leaving his room, I hear a little “drip… drip… drip…” sound echoing from the hallway. Did I leave the faucet on in the bathroom? Or maybe the tub faucet, from his bath? No, it sounds much closer. It’s coming from the attic. Water is dripping into the loft from the little attic door in the ceiling.


A leak.

I put a cheap bin under the leak and immediately get annoyed by the now-loud “PANG… PANG… PANG” sound, as the drips collect in the plastic trashcan.

Welp, that will probably keep Colin up.

I text Richard in a panic. He’s in a meeting, but calls me as soon as he gets out. Whew, he’s on his way home.

I get lucky, and Colin falls asleep. Time to indulge in a little pre-shower face mask relaxation. Ahh, it’s the little things. Alright, time to get serious. If there is a water issue, I better squeeze in a quick shower. Richard arrives shortly after my shower. WHEW.

He scopes out the situation, and it’s a water heater issue. He calls a guy.

My grandparents, mom, and sister all come over (this get-together was planned a few days ago, and I wasn’t going to cancel for a small leak!) and we have a wonderful time playing with Colin, drinking coffee, eating cake, and just catching up.

I finally got a moment to sit down and right this post – as Richard and the water heater guy are upstairs tip-toeing around Colin’s afternoon nap.

I feel like I just woke up, you guys.

And it’s 3:30pm.

Aaaaaaaaaaand this week’s Scribble Picnic theme is “Umbrella”. HOW FITTING! My scribbled umbrellas are paired with a quote from The Great Gatsby, a bit of sunshine and hope after a rainstorm. After a night of rain, an unexpected morning bath for Colin, a (quite relaxing) shower for me, and a LEAKING CEILING, my morning has been full of rain. Sounds like this theme was more of a premonition… Hmm…

I hope your morning was much less eventful than mine!

xo Cassie


  1. raining umbrellas might be better than the rain, these are cute umbrellas drawings

    have a lovely day.

  2. Glad to see you made it here Cassie with all that was going on today! Sorry about the water heater problem.
    So it’s raining umbrellas – remember how we refer to them as brollies in England?
    Love your versions – and was happy I didn’t have to use mine today.
    Your house looked lovely with the spring flowers outside, kitties and cutie pie Colin inside (he was so good) – and the cake was delicious, thanks so much.
    Love and hugs – Grandma x

  3. Quite a pleasant collection of umbrellas!
    Ah, the notorious water heater leak–glad they could get right on it, and hope there wasn’t too much damage.

  4. your umbrella sketch is beautiful and you have a wonderful way with words! such a happy blog too.

  5. Hi Cassie,
    What a wet day for you – inside. You might have needed that umbrella soon. Your umbrellas seem to be floating across the page. It reminds me of Mary Poppins.

  6. Phew! what a day and all on the day you had your family over! wow. It sounds like Richard works close enough by to have made it early enoug to come help so that is good. I did have to laugh at the fact you had to squeeze in that face mask and shower. A girl…and mom..has gotta do what she’s gotta do, right? Hopefully, everything is working OK now with the repair bill not being too high!

    I also chuckled at this: “We watch a little bit of television before heading up to play in his room.” –You really watched it? Waht riveting shows do you and Colin enjoy? πŸ™‚ good job!

    now, the best part of this day? your famiyl had cake! Was it homemade by any chance? I soo love cake adn am not at all suprised you do too, being that Mary no doubt has that affection for it too bring ex pat and all. πŸ™‚

    now, onto your art– I already noted about it on Instagram so won;t go into it as much here but, as note,d it is a wonderfully rendered composition. I love the Fitzgerald quote with the positioning of the umbrellas, etc. It all works together so well, Cassie. The fact you finished this up whilst repairs were in order is even more impressive. Another great piece –both words and art! Thank you so much for adding your perspective to our picnic!

  7. Oh, so sorry for your trying day. All that water. Your floating umbrellas are lovely. Hopefully they helped with a little art therapy.

  8. Lovely to hear you still had a wonderful time with family, despite the leak! πŸ™‚ As I mentioned on IG, wonderful illustration, Cassie. Umbrellas are hard to draw….I guess I kind of skipped that by illustrating one closed! haha Anyway, yours are so cute and my fave is the bottom right which looks like beautiful flowers on it. Well done you! Keep at it! πŸ™‚

  9. Your umbrellas appear to be happily floating in the sky, I like that.

  10. Very pretty umbrellas and I love the little poetry.

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