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Colin Patrick Marshall

It’s about time I shared an update with my readers, few as they may be! 🙂

Our sweet boy Colin Patrick Marshall was born on April 29th at 6:43pm weighing 7lbs 15oz and measuring 20in long.

Although my labor and delivery experience was not AT ALL what I had envisioned / planned / desired, he’s here and he’s healthy and we’re obsessed with him — and that’s what matters.

I’m sharing my labor and delivery story at the very end of this post, so if you’re not interested in reading that sort of thing, just watch for the disclaimer.


It’s been a little over 2 weeks, and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am, indeed, someone’s mom.

And wow, what a special gift it was to have little Colin arrive in time for me to celebrate my first-ever Mother’s Day! Richard and Colin sure spoiled me by letting me sleep in (woo!), surprising me with a card and beautiful tulips, and making English pancakes and coffee for breakfast. What a treat!


Richard returned to work this morning, so today marks my first official day as a stay-at-home mom.

Here’s how my day is going so far: I changed 5 diapers before 9am.

The nights have been long and taxing, but we’ve managed. Richard has been incredible with Colin. I can’t even watch the two of them interact without tearing up. Well, to be fair, most things are making me tear up lately. The hormones! And I’m just so damn happy! Gah!

So, without further ado, meet baby Colin.

He’s got strawberry blonde hair, his daddy’s eyes, his mommy’s lips, and he’s gaining more baby rolls by the day.

Colin hat


Colin & Richard

Colin and I

Colin & Richard 2

Colin's hand

Squishy face


I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. Now that Colin is here, I can truly say that my heart has never felt so incredibly full.

xo Cassie

Labor & Delivery:

At my 40 week appt (after being checked for three weeks in a row only to find out that I was still 1cm dilated with zero contractions), I booked an induction for Friday, 4/29 (exactly 41 weeks). My OB actually mentioned that since I hadn’t had any contractions on my own and I wasn’t dilating, I would likely benefit from a “two-part induction”. This meant that Richard and I would check into the hospital on Thursday night, and the doctor on-call would use a Foley balloon catheter to assist in dilation. If it worked, it would get me to 4cm without even feeling a true contraction. Pitocin drip would begin Friday morning. I agreed.

When we checked into Rex Hospital on Thursday night and got settled in our room (11pm), I was immediately hooked up to IV fluids. We waited for ages for the doctor to come and insert the Foley balloon… but he finally arrived. I was also given an injection (I can’t even remember what the drug was called…) to help relax me some, since it was already going on 2am and we’d need to be up around 6am to get the party started. Richard and I got a couple of hours of sleep.

At 6am, the nurse came back with a light breakfast for me (cereal, fruit, and yogurt). At 7:30am, she hooked up my Pitocin drip. She mentioned that I was having contractions (she showed us on the monitor), but I told her that I hadn’t felt any as of yet, so that was nice! (HA, nice while it lasted!) Wait for it, though… because in the hours following the Pitocin hookup, shit got really real. The Foley balloon was removed at 9:45am — it got me to 4cm, woo! Progress! Or so I thought…

By lunchtime, I was having uncomfortable contractions, but I was still able to hold a conversation with Richard. My OB suggested that I have my waters broken, since this would likely speed things up for me. She broke my waters at 11:30am. Sometime after this, she checked me — 5cm, yay! More progress! The nurses upped my Pitocin drip, and I began having severely painful, one-after-another contractions. I couldn’t get up to use the bathroom without amping myself up to do it as quickly as possible before the next contraction hit. They were coming every other minute, and lasting for 1 minute (which felt like an eternity). Eventually, I was shivering and bursting into tears with every contraction. At 2:15pm, I asked for Stadol via IV drip, which the nurse had mentioned and offered earlier in the day. It calmed me down, but I could still feel the contractions. It certainly took the edge off, though.

By 3:40pm, I needed another dose of Stadol… and an oxygen mask. Colin’s heart rate kept dipping, likely caused by the intensity of my Pitocin contractions. I was lying on my side in the bed, and the nurses kept helping me flip from one side to the other, in hopes that Colin would get more comfortable inside. Nothing seemed to be helping, though. After the second dose of Stadol wore off, I knew I couldn’t handle the intensity of the pain any longer. Going into this experience, I never wanted an epidural, but I was physically drained. Shivering and in tears, Richard knew that the look on my face was me pleading for the epidural. At 5pm, I got my epidural. I flinched and cried through the needle pain, while experiencing these insane contractions, too. It was basically my worst nightmare. All I kept thinking was, “As soon as this epidural kicks in, everything will be fine. I’ll be almost to the pushing stage. And then I can meet my baby.”

About a half-hour later (right when the epidural numbness was fully set-in), my OB came in to check me. I was so excited to see the progress that I had made while experiencing all of that pain. 5cm. You’ve got to be bleeping kidding me. After almost 6 hours of the most intense contractions (they had me on the highest Pitocin drip that they could give me), 2 doses of Stadol narcotic, and an epidural… I was still at 5cm. I burst into tears. Richard and I were drained, physically and emotionally. I wanted to give up, but obviously that’s not an option when there is a baby inside that must come out!

My OB voiced her concern about Colin’s dipping heart rate, and how it could very quickly negatively affect both he and I. She reluctantly (but firmly) suggested a Cesarean. Richard knew that I was too emotional to even discuss it, so he asked her point-blank, “Are you suggesting that she get a Cesarean right now?” Sure enough, she told us that things needed to happen quickly if we wanted Colin out safe and sound.

The rest is a blur, but in the next hour and a half (yeah, shit moves quickly when you end up needing an unplanned Cesarean), we had our baby via emergency C-section.

At 6:43pm, we heard that beautiful healthy cry from the other side of the surgery curtain. And there he was. Loud and oh-so perfect.

Rich in scrubs


The day may have been terrifyingly miserable and grueling, but I would do it all over again for Colin in a heartbeat. My baby is here, and I’m so in love.


  1. Wow girl!!!! Way to hang in there! I’ve been wanting to hear how you had a c section. Very scary but he is sooo cute!!!! Congrats again!!!

  2. I know it sounds silly coming from someone so much younger than you and who’s not even thinking about children whatsoever but, I’m just so proud of you and Richard. You two are seriously, such a dynamic duo and you inspire me.

    Love you!! xo

    • Cassandra

      May 18, 2016 at 4:51 pm

      Not silly at all, and THANK YOU! That is so incredibly sweet of you. Not sure how this little man is going to turn out, but we’re doing our best over here, ha! He’s certainly the love of our lives. xoxo

  3. Leaving Dublin this afternoon for Heathrow – will be flying home tomorrow!
    This has been an amazing trip and we have fallen in love with Ireland and hope to return again some day.

    Colin must be keeping you busy but I know you will cope well.
    This post is awesome Cassie – look forward to seeing you all soon.

    Grandma OXOXOXOXO

  4. I didn’t get around to reading the delivery section as I must dash but did read the rest and so enjoyed your INCREDIBLE photos–ESPECIALLY the B&W ones. That one of your husband and son is particularly endearing. He looks so happy and enamoured with his little bundle of joy you’ve safely carried to full term and delivered even so.

    It’s funny noticing that you hadn;t blogged in ages since prior to this post. No wonder! so glad you are all doing well. All our best to you adn your lovely family. You have a great eye for photography and so these really do add to the story. I love that you have those flowers and got to celebrate your very first mother’s day! how incredible. It really is not something to take for granted. My wife always wanted to have kids but couldn’t (due to earlier abuse) but she is a great step mom and LOVES being involved in their lives even now. So enjoy every moment as it really does RUSH past you before you know it and one day you will be longing to bounce them on your knee and sing silly little nursery rhymes and such again. 🙂 I’m just glad my kids are all very huggy and sloppy there so I still probably am overly affectionate but they indulge silly Pops! 😀

  5. Oh, one more thing. Colin is a a very handsome, chummy, little fellow. Well done! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      February 15, 2017 at 7:06 pm

      Thank you so very much, Michael! Very sweet words. This little guy has certainly stolen my heart (sorry, Richard) — and I’m so happy in my new role as “mum”! It comes with its challenges, that’s for sure, but it’s all so worth it. And yes, the snuggles and cuddles and nursery rhymes never get old. How wonderful that your wife is able to be an involved and loving step-mom to your children and share that special bond, despite not being able to have children of her own. Being a parent does not require shared genes, that’s for sure! It’s all about respect, unwavering support, and love and compassion.

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