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36 Weeks!

Ahhh, it’s springtime! And here in North Carolina, we’ve got beautiful flowers (and plenty of pollen) to prove it. Here’s what going on this week in my pregnancy… and some recent spring-y photos, too!

36 Weeks

Weeks: 36 (4 to go!)

Maternity clothes: Nothing new! I’m just mixing and matching what I already own at this point. This little Johnny Was kimono is my new favorite thing, though.

Sleep: My lower back is starting to ache more, so sleep hasn’t been the greatest. Also, I’m getting up at least twice every night to use the bathroom.


Miss anything? As adorable as the little kicks and rolls are, they can also be kind of annoying. Getting punched in the bladder isn’t the greatest feeling. I guess what I’m trying to say is… I think I’ll be pretty happy to no longer be housing another human.

Movement: Baby’s hiccups are less frequent, but little twitches and giant rolls are happening more. The twitches sometimes remind me of the shakes that dogs do after they’ve come in from the rain! Like, what is he doing in there?!


Food cravings: I’ve been eating cereal every day again. Special K Vanilla Almond, baby!

Symptoms: Heartburn almost every night. Backaches. Occasional dizziness. Fatigue. Breakouts.


Belly button: It’s an innie, but kind of looks like an outtie through clothing! Belly buttons are weird.

Emotions: Still no grand emotional breakdowns. Richard, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Best moment this week: This was my last full week at work! The bigger I get, the more uncomfortable I get being on my feet for long periods of time, so I think I picked a great time to start tapering off at work. Also, the carseat is officially installed! We’re ready for you, little baby!

Looking forward to: Family time this weekend, finishing my hospital bag, and a final prenatal massage!

xo Cassie


  1. OOOOh! You are the loveliest mom-to-be ever Cassie!
    This is the best pic yet – though all have been beautiful.

    We’re back from Missouri where we had such a fab time! It was much better than either of us expected – a lot of fun. See my new post.

    Take care – see you soon. OXOXOX

    • Cassandra

      March 29, 2016 at 8:26 pm

      Aww thank you!! I’m certainly feeling big, though. Ready to be able to bend, squat, and lift like a normal person! 🙂 Glad you all had a nice time in Branson — will be catching up on your blog over the next few days, since I’m done with work! xoxo

  2. Good to hear that things are progressing healthfully bumps in the night and all. Haha, I had to laugh, actually, as welcome to older age — I already often get up more than that at night and often have back aches, even with all the walking I do. Not fun and no wonderful bundle of joy to expect for all the troubles. lol.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend with your fam, etc.

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