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32 Weeks!

It’s starting to feel a bit more like springtime, which meanssssss baby’s arrival is nearing! Here’s what’s been going on this week in my pregnancy.

32 Weeks

Weeks: 32 (8 to go!)

Maternity clothes: No new finds to share this week — still living in leggings and the occasional dress.

Sleep: Our new bedroom furniture (including a KING-sized bed and mattress) is scheduled to arrive this weekend! I AM SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to get our bedroom organized, as its current state is one of the things that drives me a little bit crazy every day. If I can wake up to a room that is free of clutter and miss-match furniture, I will surely start my day so much more at-ease.

Miss anything? Ha! The weather is warming up, so I’m missing my afternoons spent at local breweries!

Taken while out on a neighborhood walk today.

Taken while out on a neighborhood walk today.

Movement: He’s hiccuping all of the time, and it’s so cute. I’m starting to feel kicks and jabs under my ribcage now, too… which is not so cute.

Food cravings: Still craving lots of yummy Mediterranean dishes. I’ve been really enjoying things like hummus, pita, lentils, tzatziki, black beans, beets, and carrots. This is great news, because I need to start eating a little better if I want to have any chance of getting my “normal” body back!

Symptoms: Nothing new to report this week.

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Belly button: Still an innie!

Emotions: Now that March is here, I am able to say “I’m having a baby NEXT MONTH”. That makes things feel very real. I’m starting to get a little sappy, but nothing too outrageous. When the nursery is complete and I can go in there, sit, relax, and think about the arrival of our little guy, I’ll likely cry.

Best moment this week: I got a haircut and color touch-up yesterday, so that was certainly a nice treat! Oh, and I indulged in the deliciousness pictured below.

Chocolate gelato milkshake with espresso from La Vita Dolce in Southern Village.

Chocolate gelato milkshake with espresso from La Vita Dolce in Southern Village.

Looking forward to: Prenatal yoga tonight, the new bedroom furniture, and my baby shower this weekend! I can’t wait to celebrate with some wonderful ladies!

xo Cassie


  1. Another great photo of you and baby bump – and I like your hair color!

    Know you’ll be happy with the furniture – more comfy too hopefully.
    Looking forward to seeing you Sunday at mom’s house.

    Love and hugs – Grandma XXX

  2. Cassie, that drink looks so yummy adn being preggers you can enjoy it as much as you like!

    Yes, that bdrm furniture will really help you both too. How wonderful.

    You know, I’m glad you can still eat Mediterranean too. It is so good for you …and the baby, no doubt.

    Wow, NEXT month? That really does bring it closer to home too.

    As far as the movements go, I remember having an incredibly amazing even funny time with my children when they were still in teh womb, one kid, my middle child, the most of all. His character really showed through! He has always been fun loving and like jokes, etc and even then I would tap on mom’s belly and he learned to tap from the inside back at me. Miraculously and wondrous too, really. Then I would go tap on the other side of her belly and he would move over and tap back at me again. He would even tap twice if I tapped twice and so on but sometimes he would throw in a curve ball and tap on the other side suddenly, almost like playing a game and laughing. It was such an incredible way to bond with my baby, as the “expectant” father! I think this worked on 2 of the three and at different stages with the one mentioned above being about 6 months or so. 🙂

    So, does Jasmin, your cousin, I’m thinking, live near you? your baby will be her 1st cousin once removed (or, one generation down/removed, if you will). Her child and your child will be 2nd cousins btw. I’m sure Mary already knows this but jsut in case! 🙂 Good luck with everything. Exciting times! 🙂

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