No nursery or baby clothing pics this week… so a handful of cat and food photos will have to suffice. You know you love the cat photos, though.

31 Weeks

Weeks: 31 (9 to go!)

Maternity clothes: As the weather begins to warm up, I’m on the hunt for comfortable (and cute, of course) maternity dresses. I’m loving that I can still get away with leggings and tops lately, but leggings are going to start to look odd when mid-March rolls around.

Sleep: Still waking up at least twice each night for trips to the bathroom. Also, I reallllllllly miss sleeping on my stomach. Like, so much.

Miss anything? As mentioned in my last post, I miss running. February has that cool, crisp air that makes running so invigorating! I see many evening walks with Richard in my near future, as I get into the “okay, I’m ready for this baby to be here” stage!

Richard explaining to Merlin that he won't be "the baby" for much longer...

Richard explaining to Merlin that he won’t be “the baby” for much longer…

Movement: Baby’s movements are a bit more slow and gradual now that he’s running out of space. I feel more turns and rolls, rather than jabs and pokes. Still hiccuping like crazy, though!

Food cravings: Mediterranean food galore! Hummus, pita, lentil salad, black beans… Oh, and donuts (from Duck Donuts, of course).


Symptoms: The heartburn creeps up during the day sometimes now. It’s annoying, but manageable.

Belly button: Still an innie!

Emotions: You guys. My eyes literally well up with tears when we watch these birth videos in our labor class at Rex Hospital. IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! And also frightening.

Best moment this week: This has been a great week so far. I had lunch with my Mom yesterday, which was a real treat (see our selfie below)! Also, Richard and I had our third (of five) classes at Rex last night where we learned about all of the various pain management options for labor. I also picked up a few hospital bag essentials today from Target… since I really need to work on starting to pack that bag!

Not our best photo... but hey, it was a rainy, bad hair day!

Not our best photo… but hey, it was a rainy, bad hair day!

Looking forward to: Richard and I leave for Asheville tomorrow morning! I suppose you can call this little getaway our official “babymoon”. I can’t wait. Will be sure to snap lots of photos and provide a recap, of course!

xo Cassie