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Snow Day Adventure

On Sunday, we finally experienced a day of beautiful sunshine. The sun began quickly melting the snow and ice in our neighborhood, water rolling off rooftops like little monsoons. Richard and I ventured out for a brisk walk and to check the ice status of nearby roads. The top photo shows kids and adults (and even a couple of dogs!) sledding down a large hill near our house.

Snow Piles

Any snow that had accumulated in the clubhouse parking lot had been piled high by plows.


Richard, looking dashing.


“Now take one of me!”

Power lines

We stood here for a bit, listening to the faint eerie buzz of the power lines.


The lovely neighborhood clubhouse.

BBQ truck

A BBQ food truck set up shop in the parking lot. No customers, though. I would think that most people on neighborhood walks are likely to leave their wallets at home!


Gretchen preferred to stay all snuggled up indoors – near the fireplace, of course.


Alas, yesterday’s roads were in much better shape… and Monday beckoned.

xo Cassie


  1. That top photo is too funny. When I saw that in my blogroll, I actually thought it a ski run! Yes, Richard does look quite dashing indeed and you are looking good and sporty there too, preggers even!
    Getting out on a brisk walk is so good, even if we’ve actually enjoyed teh excuse to stay indoors for a while.
    OK, what is up with you and Mary? Is this some conspiracy to help me pork out (no punn intended) before going to bed. She jsut posted some yummy savoury dish and you mention BBQ! (Not to self, do not come here before turning in for the night!)
    Thank you for your newsy comment. I did reply btw.
    Enjoy those blub blue skies, you never know how long or SHORT you might have them!

    • “Blub blue skies?” Lol. I think I meant, blue, blue skies! Typing!

    • Cassandra

      January 27, 2016 at 8:56 am

      Haha, it does seem that she and I are always finding a way to mention (or sneak in a photograph of!) food, even if the post is entirely unrelated! Thank you for the compliment. I am, in fact, starting to feel quite large… but most people can barely even tell that I’m pregnant — so I guess I should feel good about that… for now!! And yes, we are back to cloudy dreariness today. A day I will likely spend indoors doing laundry and cleaning at home. Perhaps I’ll pop out for a short walk, but only if the rain clouds stay away!

  2. Cassie – some day we HAVE to meet Michael from London, now in Colorado with Alexandra – two amazing artists and lovely people. Michael and I go back many years in blogland – I feel like his adoptive Grandma and he leaves me adorable comments!!! Richard and Michael would hit it off both being gallant, handsome Englishmen with American wives.

    Great post of our winter weather days – and look at Gretchen all wrapped up to ward off the chill, so sweet.
    Lovely tea time with you yesterday – let’s do it again soon.
    Grandma X

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