We woke up this morning to find our street covered in a thin layer of snow/sleet/ice — so I have an unexpected day off!

Which is good, because my parents gave strict instructions that their future grandson is not allowed on the road in these conditions! So here I am. At home, with the fireplace on, a hot cup of coffee, and a toasted and buttered English muffin. Richard is here, too. He’s doing a bit of work from home, but at least he can work in the comfort of his pajamas!

Oh, and here’s Merlin, clearly enjoying the fireplace warmth.


The sleet is still falling, making “clicks” and “clacks” on the window panes. I popped outside to snap a few quick photos and the ice crystals crunched under my slippers. Aaaaaand I quickly headed back inside because damn, it’s cold.


The question is, do I spend today relaxing or doing things around the house? Ha! I’m terrible at relaxing! Does anyone else have this problem? Relaxing always sounds nice, but I end up spending my “relaxation” time thinking about all of the things I should be / could be doing. Maybe I’ll do something that is both relaxing AND productive — finally go thru some cookbooks, dog-earing pages, and making corresponding grocery lists!

I did tidy up our master bathroom. Here are some before and after pics.



The bathroom countertop had essentially become a jumbled mess of my various lotions and potions, so I decided to put things where they needed to be (in the drawers and under the sink) and leave the countertop clean, crisp, and extremely minimal.



I love how this red and white amaryllis brightens up the space. There’s just something about having real flowers around… it always puts me in a better mood when I’m getting ready in the morning.

So, baby boy bump has had his one cup of morning coffee and is kicking away now. Other than that, not much else to report!

If you’re home from work today, enjoy your snow/ice day and be safe!

xo Cassie