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The New Normal

Lately, I’ve been really terrible at remembering what day it is.

Or what month.

Something that I am having absolutely NO trouble with: remembering what season it is.

Because it’s definitely 100% summertime.


However, the adjustment has been… to juggle the following:

– Working two jobs
– Spending time with my amazinggggg husband
– Catching up with old (and new!) friends
– Trying my best to keep the house in decent shape
– Seeing my family (when WAS the last time I saw them, anyways?!)
– Getting back into a workout routine
Blogging — okay, obviously that hasn’t been happening…

It’s been a challenge! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my new job. SO much. But I’m learning to plan better, schedule more, take time for myself, and live a life that means something to ME. I am doing things that I enjoy, get excited about, and am inspired by.

The new “normal” may be a challenge at the moment, but what new things aren’t a little intimidating? For example, I plan to run my 5th half-marathon in October (and my 6th a month later!) — and I am SCARED to start running long-distance again. I mean really, with this NC heat, the gym will need to become my second home. I’m oddly terrified of NOT continuing to beat my personal half-marathon record… but also very determined. A few years ago, I couldn’t run 1 mile! We all started somewhere, right?

Speaking of beginnings, it’s hard to believe that Richard and I have been married for almost 6 months. We went from spending TONS of time together to this strange new schedule in which we share ZERO days off. It certainly opens my eyes to exactly how much I appreciate having a husband that supports me in my endeavors AND helps accomplish things around the house! So now, together, we are learning how to navigate this new life. After all, life is but a finite series of new normals, each vastly different from the last.

Anddddd this post turned REAL sappy REAL fast.

Oh well, if you ever read this blog, you should be used to that by now — ha!

I just wanted to check-in and share a little more about the new normal that is my life. And to let you know that I am, in fact, alive.

I promise to be better!

xo Cassie

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  1. Glad you are doing so well dear – busyness is always good but do take care running in the heat etc. The job sounds good – hope you’ll have some free time soon so we can see you. We’ve been back a week and, again, I brought an international home ‘bug’ with me and am still sick! Our visit to the UK was great, the weather perfect to get out and about and reacquaint Jasmin with family and friends – no rain and comfortable temps., not the heatwave they’re having now! We walked a lot – 12 miles on our one full London day!
    Have a happy Fourth – know you will celebrate, and bet you have even decorated!!
    Huge hugs to you both XO

    P.S. I’m posting photos etc. on the blog – hope you will have time to look.

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