Not sure why I like that quote so much… It may seem negative, but I see it as ominous. Almost like a mystery of what is to come.

Today is on-point with the sunshine, though. I’m at my desk, windows open, working on a list of April goals.

Month Ahead - April //

So far, I’ve got:

Eat more fresh produce.
Keep my plants alive.
Go hiking.
Run 50 miles for the month.
Drink more water.

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago, Richard and I celebrated 3 months of marriage. We celebrated that day by finally checking out the delectable treats that Duck Donuts in Cary has to offer!

Duck Donuts //


Also last month, our wedding photo book arrived!

Shutterfly Wedding Photobook //

We are so happy with it. The photos look stunning. When designing the book at, I opted for the lay-flat pages — perfect for a coffee table display!

Shutterfly Wedding Photobook //

I peppered quotes from our vows to each other throughout the book, to remind us of the romance and closeness that we felt on that special day.

Shutterfly Wedding Photobook //

Shutterfly Wedding Photobook //

Shutterfly Wedding Photobook //

What’s on your April to-do list?

xo Cassie