The windows are open and the kitties are loving it! I’m doing some laundry (yay for these colorful new pieces for my spring wardrobe from Apex Outfitter & Board Co.) and tidying up around the house today, so I wanted to pop in with a quick update to share some signs of spring.

Kitty basking in the sun.

Belle at the Jones House in Cary, NC.

Lunch at Belle at the Jones House in Cary, NC.

Downtown Cary, NC.

Patio rug from World Market.

Also, Krystal featured our wedding on her gorgeous photography blog! I am still completely in love with these photos that she captured of our special day.

Richard has been working like a dog, and tonight we finally get a night out together! We’re thinking Full Moon Oyster Bar in Morrisville for some cold pints and tasty seafood. Mmm…

xo Cassie