It’s just one of those days.

– Richard worked until 3am, so we both got terrible sleep last night.
– My dentist appointment was at 7:50am.
– My doctor’s appointment was at 11:30am.
– Did I mention that it’s utterly disgusting outside?

Okay, so maybe that’s not enough to truly complain about, but I felt like being a baby about it anyway.

"Tea: A Hug in a Cup" doodle artwork for a rainy day!

I did some doodling. An email from a friend today said, “It’s a rainy day, good for sitting in bed and drinking tea!” I haven’t had any tea today, but Rich and I did enjoy our French-pressed coffee in bed this morning. Don’t fret, the coffee was consumed in between appointments. I wouldn’t feel quite right drinking coffee BEFORE a dentist appointment, even if I did brush my teeth afterwards!

And now Rich is back at work for another potentially late evening. I’ve rented Woody Allen’s latest film, Magic in the Moonlight, even though it looks kind of atrocious. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Woody Allen flicks, but this one… meh, we’ll see.

It does star Colin Firth, who I think is devastatingly handsome.


That’s my plan for tonight: red wine, movie, and HOPEFULLY I can convince Merlin to cuddle up with me on the couch. I may need to bribe him with treats…

xo Cassie