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Organize with Style

Sigh, yet another dreary winter day. More clouds, more rain, and more fog. It was most certainly a stay-indoors-at-all-costs kind of day.

I spent the afternoon sifting through a few old “junk boxes” that I’d come across during last week’s office closet overhaul. It was actually quite fun to find homes for what turned out NOT to be junk. Oil paints and brushes, beautiful stationary leftover from our wedding, fabric swatches from my college fibers course, gift bags and tags, various rolls of tape, spray paint, etc.

In an effort to “beautify” my craft stuff, I organized things using beautiful canvas-wrapped boxes with lids from Target. Threshold brand, I believe. The boxes (along with a vintage hat box) are stacked nicely next to my desk in our newly-designed office. A fun hexagonal box now houses dozens of oil paints — patiently awaiting that surge of inspiration that I’m hoping for!

Organize in style with these fabric boxes from Target!

Organize with style with these fabric boxes from Target!

Organize with style with fun cardboard boxes!

In other news, our first produce box from Papa Spud’s just arrived, so I’m headed downstairs to check out what goodies we’ve received!

xo Cassie

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  1. I’m so behind with comments – and not just to you! I still don’t seem to get a feed from your site when you post dear, so have to go look for you! Not that it’s difficult but at times I do forget in the busy days which seem to be flying by!
    Loved your organizing efforts – and these canvas storage boxes are great.

    Love X

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