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Cabin Fever

We didn’t last long.

Despite the ice and frigid temperatures, after one night of Scrabble at home, Rich and I needed to get out. Here’s what our little portion of Apex looked like this week!


There’s our little patio covered in ice on Tuesday (ha, ice, it only LOOKS pretty) as well as the neighbor’s house across the street.


On Wednesday, while grocery shopping, we finally got some beautiful snow! Huge snowflakes! Giant! Inhale and they go straight up your NOSE snowflakes! We hurried out of the store and made it back home before the roads got worse.

You see, we certainly haven’t been good about staying in.

In fact, we spent the early part of Tuesday evening at Full Moon Oyster Bar in Morrisville where we ran into a friend of mine named Teddy. Teddy shares our love of Portland, Maine — so, over clusters of crab legs, we talked inn choices, seafood joints, and craft breweries.

Sidenote: Richard and I have been pondering the idea of booking another Portland trip for this July. Shipyard Brewing Company is hosting a half-marathon and lobster bake!

Delicious, decisions…


I mean, decisions, decisions…

Aaaaaand we may have also snuck out of the house LAST night to see The Theory of Everything.

Let me tell you.

I cried from beginning to end, and for so many different reasons! My Grandmother had ALS; and the progression of her disease was so rapid that it took everyone in our family by surprise. She passed away about a year after being diagnosed. The film shows viewers that Stephen Hawking’s long life with ALS has been nothing short of a scientific wonder. When it comes out on RedBox, rent it.

In other news, my new Graze Box arrived this week!


The new “Sharing Box” is filled with 5 bags of snacks, with each bag holding 4 servings. It’s designed to arrive once per month (or more frequently if you have a larger family) with different snack choices each time. You rate each snack and the Graze experts will continuously cater your boxes to your liking.

Whew, now that the wedding and honeymoon vacation is over, I could seriously use some healthy snack options!

Do you subscribe to any home-delivery services?

BirchBox, perhaps?

Or maybe a weekly produce delivery?

To me, there is something exciting about opening a little parcel of “surprises” from the mailbox.

Anyways, happy Friday and stay warm, my friends!

xo Cassie

Waiting for Snow…

Precipitation of a snowy/icy form has begun!

It actually snowed a TEENSY bit while we were sipping Carménère at UnVine’d in Cary after our delicious Valentine’s Day dinner this weekend!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, how gorgeous are these colorful tulips that Richard gave me?!




Did you get a beautiful bouquet from your Valentine? I just love having that little burst of color in the house during these dreary and cold days.

Ellie is not thrilled about the impending cold weather.


I’ll be making that pretty polenta dish again tonight. Easy and delicious. I found the recipe here — I used homemade basil pesto instead of spinach pesto and added my own twist with the balsamic glaze drizzle!

Stay warm and safe — we’re opening some wine and playing a board game tonight!

xo Cassie

Life Lately

Whew, it’s hard to believe that 46 days have passed since our winter wedding!


If you’re on Facebook, you’ve likely seen our wedding photos! I won’t waste time posting them here! I can’t wait to share the link to Krystal’s blog with you once she has prepared a post showcasing her beautiful photography. She did a spectacular job capturing every moment of our big day. Thanks to her collection of photographs, our wedding will never be a fleeting memory, but instead a wonderful photo-story that we can treasure forever.

Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been up to lately:

We saw Tony Bennett at DPAC last night and it was absolutely AMAZING. At 88 years young, that man certainly knows how to captivate his audience. I was a baby and cried pretty much the entire time. And this photo reminds me, I got a haircut! A “long bob”, I believe they are calling it. I had about 7 inches of hair cut off and it feels great to have lighter, more manageable hair!


Mom and I went back to Night Kitchen in downtown Raleigh after picking up my wedding gown from the cleaners. More tasty treats!

Night Kitchen

I made my prettiest dinner the other night! Yes, pretty! Grilled polenta cakes topped with homemade basil pesto, garlic-sautéed shrimp, cherry tomatoes, chopped chives, and a balsamic glaze drizzle. It tasted amazing and was certainly photo-worthy as my most-successful “plating” endeavor.


I finally got around to recreating that adorable sign that I saw at Brewgaloo — just a wooden shadow box frame, a couple of cheap bottles of acrylic paint, and two Sharpie paint markers!


Richard has been very busy at work lately, so I’m doing my best to keep things at home running smoothly — laundry, cooking, cleaning, decorating… The weather has been quite up and down lately. Warm and sunny, and then chilly and drizzly. The weekend weather is looking particularly “all over the place”, with Saturday’s forecasted high climbing to 52°F and Sunday’s only reaching 30°F. Brr! At least Valentine’s Day won’t be the cold day!

We’ve booked a romantic prix fixe dinner for two at Cary’s Belle at the Jones House, as I really enjoyed my lunch there a few weeks ago with my friend Sarah. Excited to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband!

I hope that you’re inside staying warm on this dreary Thursday afternoon. If not, grab some coffee. I hear it helps!

xo Cassie

A Tranquil Space

Thanks to wedding registry gifts from our friends and family, I’ve been slowly transforming our bedroom into a more calm and tranquil space for relaxing, daydreaming, reading, and sleeping.

The bed is now decked out in Target’s Fieldcrest Luxury 500 thread count sheets in a subtle “geometric” pattern. We’ve got these sheets in “True White” as well as “Shadow Teal”. The duvet cover is a cotton/linen blend by Target’s Threshold brand.

By the way, we’re so excited to have a real duvet and duvet cover!


Last year’s Etsy headboard purchase works with any bedding, but here we’ve gone for a super-crisp white/ivory/grey color palette.



In my opinion, the headboard ties it all together.

Bed and Headboard

Our flag pillows (a 2013 World Market find) have migrated from the living room to the bedroom. I am craaaaazzzzy about the quirky effect that they have on our bed — so fitting!

We’ve also added a gorgeous end-of-bed bench (with storage!) and a cozy textured organic cotton throw blanket.


Detail Blanket

The artwork over our bed is an original painting by a former Meredith College classmate, Cheryl Harrison, who sadly and unexpectedly passed away last January. In 2010, when she and I were both students, I spotted it during a college art sale and told her that I was absolutely captivated by it — and I bought it from her. One of my favorite works of art is Picasso’s Guernica , and I love Cheryl’s kaleidoscopic and upbeat interpretation.


Do you have a serene bedroom? What makes your bedroom cozy? I’d love to hear more tips and tricks!

xo Cassie

Worthwhile Weekends

What a beautiful weekend! Yes, it was a little chilly on Saturday, but we’ve been lucky enough to have sunny and cloudless skies all weekend.


Saturday morning, we had a delicious brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe in North Hills with our friends Gerry and Erika and their precious little 1-year-old son, Dylan. In the afternoon, Richard and I walked the greenway trail from Meredith College, my alma mater, to the North Carolina Museum of Art. It was nice to spend some quiet time together (and walk off the beignets). Since Richard works full time during the week, it’s really important to us that we make the most of our weekends together.

We crawled into the “Cloud Chamber” in the NCMA park.

Cloud Chamber

It may have been a little late in the afternoon to see the real camera obscura effect, but it was still really neat! After hiking around for a while, we headed over to Raleigh Brewing (across from Meredith) for a few coffee porters (see header photo).

We did a quick 3-mile run around Bond Lake in Cary today, so now I feel like being rather lazy for the rest of the afternoon.

Anddddd Gretchen spent most of the weekend napping.


xo Cassie

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