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Month: January 2015

Chilly Days Ahead!

The temperatures have been dropping this week and mornings are quite frosty.


I finished the Portland Headlight painting — definitely not my favorite, but since I’m just getting back into the swing of painting… I’m okay with it.


I am trying to be better about how I judge my own work and not beat myself up quite so much. I meannnnnn, it has been 4 years since I last painted.

For lunch today, I made myself a delicious tomato, mozzarella, and basil panino (yeah, Giada De Laurentiis would be proud) with a little balsamic glaze — so simple and so tasty. It’s pictured (pre-grilled) at the top of this post!

And last night, I made cookies with some of our wedding gifts! My friend Lesley bought us two Silpat baking mats and some beautiful stainless steel measuring cups. (Thank you!!)


The cookies were my version of an impromptu “ah, we’ve been married for one month!” celebration. I used NestlĂ©’s new caramel-filled chocolate chips. And yes, they are delicious.

Hope you’re staying warm and toasty on these cold NC days!

xo Cassie

Lazy Sunday

Ah, Sunday…

Coffee is flowing, banana muffins are ready to be consumed, Richard’s Arsenal game is on, the painting is patiently waiting to be completed — I may get to that later. Oh, and the kitties are being cuddly.


It’s been a great first week back from our honeymoon. We spent some time with family and friends, and even celebrated my Dad’s birthday at Bolt Bistro in downtown Raleigh last night. On Thursday, my friend Sarah and I had an amazing lunch at Cary’s new farm-to-table restaurant, Belle at the Jones House.


I had the vegetarian open-faced sandwich — two sliced of toasted sourdough bread topped with white bean and roasted beet hummus, cucumber, locally-made goat cheese, and mixed greens with a side cup of sweet potato salad. The food was great and the atmosphere is so cute! You can read more about Cary’s historic Jones House here. Richard and I have decided to book a table at Belle for our Valentine’s Day dinner!

Wedding cards and gifts are still trickling in, too! Our bar is completely covered in sweet cards from our friends and relatives.

Wedding cards

The banana muffins that I made are from Southern Vegetarian, a cookbook that I’ve had for over a year… and am just now diving into. The muffins taste wonderful, though they didn’t rise very much! The recipe is very banana-dense, so that could be why they became squatty little muffins.


I’m really looking forward to trying more recipes from the book, though. The photographs themselves are mouth-watering!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

xo Cassie

Rekindling Creativity

I painted today.

Yep. Like, for fun.

At least it’s supposed to be fun, until you do one little thing that seems to ruin the entire painting and you have to find a way to fix said error.

Anyways, I picked up some acrylic paint, new brushes, sturdy painting papers, and a new palette. Scary thing is, I haven’t painted (aside from the walls in our house) since my senior art exhibition at Meredith College back in 2011!


For YOUR fun, here are some progress photos.









It’s certainly not finished, but I’m hoping to complete it over the weekend.

I don’t absolutely hate it.

So far, only a minor hatred.

Either way, the ACT of painting felt good!

Eek, we’ll see how it goes.

xo Cassie

Raleigh’s New Tasty Treats

Oh, how I love little bakery treats.

There is something very special about the moment that you smile at the barista and point to the delicacy that you’ve chosen to take home. Something crunchy and sweet to dunk in your homemade latte? Perhaps a gooey treat just begging to be topped with a scoop of your favorite ice cream? Or maybe you’d prefer a savory quiche to stow away until tomorrow’s breakfast?

Yesterday afternoon, my Mom and I visited Night Kitchen Bakehouse & Cafe at Seaboard Station in downtown Raleigh. It’s a new bakery near Peace College — right around the corner from Phydeaux. When you walk in, you’re greeted with a smile and the soul-warming smell of brewed espresso. (My coffee addiction isn’t obvious, is it?)


I ordered a small latte and some bakery items to bring home. With dinner, Rich and I enjoyed half of a garlic & rosemary focaccia loaf (dipped in olive oil, balsamic, and cracked black pepper). Fantastic bread! For dessert, I brought home a slice of citrus & olive oil pound cake for myself and an individual bread pudding for Richard. The bread pudding was obviously made in a muffin tin, it was so cute! Great minds think alike, as we each decided to give our treats a boost in the microwave and top them with vanilla bean ice cream!



If you’re in the downtown Raleigh area, swing by Night Kitchen for an afternoon pick-me-up and something tasty. An indulgence a day isn’t such a bad thing!

xo Cassie

A Brand New Chapter

It’s official — Richard and I tied the knot! On December 28th, we partied the night away with family and friends at the beautiful Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC. Our professional photos will be ready in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that! For now, I’ll just share this one photo of our first dance.

We got back from our 2-week honeymoon on Sunday afternoon and have spent the last couple nights going to bed early to get some well-needed rest. We had an absolute blast, but certainly missed the kitties!

I’m off work this week and trying to get back into a daily routine, especially since the last month has felt so incredibly chaotic. Did I mention that Richard and I were both sick the week leading up to our wedding? Meaning… the week of CHRISTMAS. Yeah, that wasn’t fun.

We’re doing much better now (whew!) and working hard to shed the ~5 lbs that we each gained from eating too much “cruise food”. I’m loving lunching on veggie sandwiches and kale salads and throwing together easy baked fish with healthy sides for dinners. I made this sandwich for myself yesterday and for Richard today (I pack his lunch — such a good wife, right?!)



So simple:

1 store-bought potato roll or onion roll
1 tbsp little light mayo
1 sliced sweet pepper (such as piquillo)
1 small sliced beet (I buy Love Beets from Whole Foods or Target)
1 slice swiss cheese (or any variety!)
a handful of alfalfa sprouts

Seriously, super yummy and satisfying.

New Year 1

Also, how cute are these “pierced” dessert plates that a friend gave us as a wedding gift?! Another thing on my to-do list: find places for all of our gifts. From beautiful Anthropologie cloth cocktail napkins to an 18-piece Pyrex set… I’ve got a lot of organizing to do!

New Year 2

I hope that you had a lovely holiday season and warmest of wishes for a fun-filled new year!

xo Cassie

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