From the moment I opened our mailbox and caught a glimpse of the November cover of Food & Wine, I knew that I had to make this bread.


Magazine 2

This sweet and savory Focaccia with Roasted Squash is topped with Maldon sea salt flakes, local honey, and fresh thyme.


For Thanksgiving, I served this as an appetizer! I just sliced the focaccia into small cubes, arranged them on a nice cutting board, topped with some extra drizzled honey and thyme leaves. My family gave it two thumbs up — Kara and I certainly kept snacking on it!

Bread 3


Wedding plans are nearly finalized! Almost time to kick back and enjoy the holidays! I love gifting; however, with the hustle and bustle of traveling guests for the holidays AND the wedding, our families have decided NOT to exchange gifts this year. So, our only Christmas gifting will be for Richard’s two little nieces.

Of course, I still need to package the gifts for our wedding party and favors for our guests! I enjoy things like that, though. It’s the logistics of things that stress me out! But we’re almost there, and Richard and I are simply looking forward to spending the holidays and our special day with the people that we love.

That’s all we want. 🙂

xo Cassie