Whew, I finished my baking around 11pm last night and then had a really difficult time falling asleep. Perhaps it was the anticipation of today’s festivities and tasty treats… or maybe it was because I kept thinking, “OUR WEDDING REHEARSAL IS ONE MONTH FROM THANKSGIVING DAY!”

Yep, the REAL countdown has begun, folks. I couldn’t be more excited (which, yes, explains the sleep issues).

Rich and I are up and sharing a large French press of Colombian roast with milk, Merlin is in the window playing guard-kitty (keeping an eye on evil neighbor cat), Ellie is likely still asleep on our bed, and Gretchen is curled up on Richard’s lap purring like a diesel engine.


Speaking of Merlin, check out his lovely construction view. New homes are going up right across the street! The noise in the mornings (not today, whew!) is unbearable… You can also see how some of our plants are holding on for dear life now that the cold nights have rolled in.



Wishing you a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving.


I, for one, can’t wait to dig into this cheesecake.

xo Cassie