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It’s Beginning to Look…

Yep, we did our holiday decorating before Thanksgiving.


I love Christmas decorating. The candles, the greenery, the lights, the music, the cats eating the faux Christmas tree — okay, don’t love that part.

We haven’t done the outside lights yet, as we don’t want the neighbors to think we are TOO crazy. Ha, we’ve already got the most brightly-painted house on the block.

As far as the interior goes, here’s a little photo-tour of our holiday home so far!







Kitty stocking


I just love the quirkiness of the three little stone kitties perched next to Santa Claus and the lovely African woman mini-statue. Richard and I purchased the “three wise kitties” (too cheesy?) in a little shop in Cozumel and the African statue was given to us by Richard’s Mum, who lives in South Africa.

Aaaaaand did you happen to notice the ENORMOUS tin of various chocolate Christmas candies? Richard thinks I’m insane.

Have you started decorating? I know it SEEMS early, but Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away! I really need to get cooking.

I’ll be making the ever-tasty and vegetarian-friendly Very Full Tart along with a butternut squash foccacia with thyme and honey (recipe to come!). My family is partial to red wines, so I’m bringing a robust Cabernet-Syrah blend and a spicy Malbec. For dessert, it’s going to be Nikki’s Carrot Cake Cheesecake.

Wishing you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

xo Cassie


  1. Love that little tree next to your stand mixer! Enjoy the cheesecake! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      November 26, 2014 at 10:13 am

      Thank you! My family LOVED the cheesecake the last time I made it — so excited to share it with my grandparents this time, too! Have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving, dear!

  2. Looking very seasonal there already Cassie – I’ve not started any decorating yet but am writing cards this week. After T-giving I’ll have to really get a move on as I know the days will fly by……………..I think December is going to be so special!!!!!!
    Love the kitties’ stocking, and the birds holding up the photos – never ever seen a mixer wearing a Santa hat, tehe – such a sense of design this gal has readers!
    Love you xx

    • Cassandra

      November 26, 2014 at 10:15 am

      I need to get working on cards, too… but I think I will incorporate our wedding “thank yous” into my annual holiday letter this year! Meaning, I will send it more as a “Happy New Year” re-cap letter, rather than a Christmas-themed one. Will save on stamps and allow me to write all about the wedding for those that could need attend! Love to you both xo

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