I opened the curtains this morning to find a foggy abyss staring back at me. Blah. My mood definitely changes with the weather, does yours? Dreary mornings get me in a funk. And wow, over the next couple of days, we’ll see the temperature drop quite dramatically. For example, today’s high is 72° and the forecasted high for Friday is 46°. But it’s not the cold that bothers me! In fact, I quite like bundling up and heading out into that crisp air. What gets me down are those pesky clouds that create a hazy, overcast day.

Anyways, on to happier things!


Completely on a whim, I tried my hand at homemade biscotti yesterday! With a few additions of my own, I followed this couldn’t-be-simpler recipe video via JoyOfBaking.com. I mixed the 3/4 cup of toasted almonds into the entire batch, but then instead of making the two “logs” that Stephanie calls for, but I split my dough into three smaller logs instead. One log stayed almond-only. I added chopped dried sweetened cranberries (I used Craisins) to the second log. And for the last log, I added chopped milk chocolate chips. For the Craisins and the chocolate chips, I just pulsed them (separately, of course) in a food processor for a few seconds, super easy!

Three types

Perfect with coffee, or even just for a quick snack! For the final baking or “drying” phase, I baked mine for about 10 minutes per side. You can bake them longer, if you like super crispy biscotti… I just don’t like to break my teeth if I’m snacking on one without coffee!

Three types with coffee



As you can see, we’ve got plenty of biscotti at our house now, so stop by for a hot cup of coffee or tea. You may catch a sneak peek of our holiday decorations, which we started on last night!

Decorating early this year

We know it’s early… but with the wedding fast-approaching, we want to enjoy the magic that this time of year has to offer before the wedding / holiday / guests arriving hustle and bustle begins!

When will you begin decorating for the winter season? Do you think it’s too early? I just love how this time of year awakens my senses. Aaah, the shadows formed from flickering candles, the sounds of festive jazz tunes, the smell of almond biscotti baking in the oven, the taste of a soul-warming red wine or a chocolately porter, and the warmth of a cozy fleece-lined blanket… and the all-too-likely addition of a cat asleep on your lap.

xo Cassie