On Sunday, my grandparents and I headed to Angier to pick up some of the most amazing pumpkins from a very sweet couple, Doug and Freda Johnson, of Johnson’s Pumpkins. And wow, it was such a warm day that we even stopped at Sunny Sky’s for ice cream on the way back to Apex! Um, Caramel Praline… wow.

To celebrate the arrival of beautiful October, I thought I’d share some of my photographs from that fun trip!

Pumpkins 1

I’m a sucker for pumpkins with deep grooves and little stems that twist and turn!

Pumpkins 3

It’s difficult to buy just 1 or 2 when you have a variety of colors to choose from!

Pumpkins 4

Looks like a little grasshopper has claimed this one.

Pumpkins 5

Now there’s a prime example of deep grooves and a twisted stem!

Pumpkins 2

This color reminds me of “Cinderella” pumpkins. I love the grey-green.


Tiny pumpkin warts.


Miniature horses begging for some attention, plus a normal-sized horse!


My grandparents and I, squinting to keep the pesky little bugs out of our eyes!


“Lucky” rolling around, hamming it up for the camera.

Lucky 2

Such a perfect little Halloween kitty, huh?


Myself, my grandmother (Mary), Freda, and Freda’s granddaughter Cameron.

Trailer of pumpkins

I’ll be sharing some snapshots of my at-home pumpkin decorations in a later post, as well as some food posts — we bought pumpkins and butternut squash for roasting!

What is your favorite way to enjoy fall squash? Do you prefer sweet or savory pumpkin / squash dishes? I’ve got a Jose Garces recipe for Cuban butternut squash soup with crab and zucchini that I’m eyeing…

For now, a very happy October to you!

xo Cassie