So, I finally have a free moment to write a blog post, woo!

I’ve spent this rainy Wednesday doing some interior fall decorating. Our windows have been open for a few days now, and it’s actually gotten CHILLY inside! The kitties are starting to find warm places to curl up around the living room — blankets on the couch and fuzzy spots on their little cat trees.

It’s so cute.

I’m sure they wish we’d go ahead and close the windows, but I’ve been waiting a long time for this cool weather!

Here’s a quick photo-story of today’s decorating accomplishments.

Mini pumpkins and gourds

I love placing pumpkins and playing with my silk flower arrangements (yeah, we can’t really *DO* real flowers in our kitty-friendly home).

Top shelf

Speaking of cats, check out the little kitties on this shelf. An old cat-shaped wine bottle shares the top shelf with a beautiful, hand-painted ceramic kitty (it’s a coin bank!) that we picked up in Cozumel last month.

Pumpkin spice everything

Not the best tea, but the tin will make for a great fall decoration for years to come!

Mini pumpkins


By the door

Lovely “fairytale” pumpkins from Trader Joe’s… And likely the last time I’ll see my flip flops this year.


My favorite spot to decorate is most certainly our buffet table.

Festive arrangement

We’re throwing a Halloween / Birthday party in late October, so I’ll be adding more and more Halloween-esque decor as the weeks go on. I can’t wait — Richard’s birthday is shortly before Halloween and mine is the week after!

What is your favorite thing about early fall?

And no, I haven’t had a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet!

xo Cassie