Aaaaah summertime food.

Olive oil, heirloom tomatoes, oregano, baguettes, balsamic glaze, rosemary, mozzarella, basil… ((singing)) These are a few of my favorite things!

But today is all about basil!


After an overflowing (and delicious) homemade caffè latte, I ventured outside to tend to the patio plants before the 93° heat rolls in.

Yeah, yuck.

While in DC, my brother showed me some tiny basil cuttings that he had snipped from a larger plant and was “propagating” to grow new plants. I had never tried propagating anything, so I decided to give it a whirl at home… since we’ve got basil galore to snip from!

The process couldn’t be simpler.

Cut basil from the top, keeping 1-2 pairs of leaf nodes. Give yourself enough of a “stem”, so that the leaves can help suspend the cutting over water. These photos show two different cups because I started my cuttings in espresso cups (so cute!), but quickly realized that the clear plastic “World Beer Festival” tasting cups that we had lying around were the perfect size — AND we were able to watch the root progress without having to pull the cuttings out of the water.


Okay, obviously these pictures do not show what happens “overnight”, but the roots appeared and grew about 1.5 inches in just about 3 weeks.

Basil cutting 1

Basil cutting 2

Basil cutting 3

Since the roots seemed strong and plentiful, I decided that today was the day that these new “baby basils” were ready to venture out into the REAL WORLD.

In other words, it was time for them to meet soil.

Planting basil

I also did some new cuttings and harvested more basil (likely, for pesto) before heading inside to beat the heat.

Harvesting basil 1

Harvesting basil 2

Washing basil

Drying basil

Seriously, is too much basil even a thing?

Didn’t think so.

Already have a basil plant?

Try propagating it, so simple and fun — it’s like a science project!

xo Cassie