Countdown to “I do.” – 157 days!

It pretty amazing how much planning goes into a modern-day wedding.

The dress, the flowers, the cake, the bridal party attire, the music, the honeymoon… Sure, all of these things come to mind right away.


I’m currently in the process of finalizing the bridal party attire (dresses have been picked out, now we’re onto shoes!), though Richard and I have yet to look at menswear for the guys. We will likely visit Men’s Wearhouse in the next couple of weeks to begin narrowing down colors and styles. I’m imagining grey suits and vests, black ties, and black shoes — there will likely be a post ALL about formal menswear when those decisions need to be made.

On top of bridesmaids clothing, I am compiling our wedding invitations!

The suite was designed by Ellie Snow, the stationery mastermind behind Hello Tenfold out of Durham, NC.

And no, you will NOT get a sneak-peek of the invitations. The guests need to see for themselves!

So far, putting together these gorgeous invitations has been my absolute favorite part of wedding-planning. Like, more fun than I had picking out my dress.

Is that weird?

Meh, oh well.

Maggi Bridal

Speaking of dress, it’s arrived! It will need some pretty major alterations, which will begin late August or early September. My bridal portrait shoot has been booked for November 10th, so as long as I have my perfect-fitting dress by then!


Anyways, back to the invitations. We purchased some stunning vintage stamps from Sam at Pack and Post and the invitations will likely be mailed out before the end of the month!


In other news, we’re headed to an engagement party on Saturday for our friends Ivy and Steve! Can’t wait to celebrate with them.

Here’s hoping the bad weather goes away before the weekend!

xo Cassie