Whew, things have been crazy lately!

A life that is both jobless AND crazy, you ask?


My sister graduated from Athens Drive High School on Saturday! The ceremony was held inside the Raleigh Convention Center — WAY more pleasant than NCSU’s Reynold’s Coliseum (where Patrick and I celebrated our high school graduations), which was severely lacking in the air conditioning department.

Richard played the role of cameraman and snapped some fantastic shots of the graduate as well as the little wildflower/herb bouquet (pictured above) that I made for Kara, courtesy of our garden!


Kara with diploma

I love the (completely unintended) placement of the two proud grandfathers, almost framing Kara and her diploma in the photo above.


And everyone’s favorite…

Peace out, high school!

We’re so proud of Kara! She graduated with honors and will be attending University of North Carolina at Wilmington in the fall. (Hooray for an excuse to go to the beach more often!) Also, as co-president of her class, she was able to give a speech introducing the class valedictorian.

Our family celebrated after the ceremony at Lucky 32, a quintessential “southern” restaurant in Cary that just celebrated their 25th anniversary!

Richard leaves for California for a business trip early tomorrow morning, so I’m spending the day getting a head-start on our cleaning/laundry/packing for the upcoming family St. John trip (we leave on Sunday). We are all SO looking forward to this tropical getaway, but I just wish Richard didn’t have a work trip thrown into the mix beforehand!

Oh well, guess it’s a good thing that I’m at home to look after the cats and get things sorted out before the big vacation!

xo Cassie