Things have been a-changin’ over here, and I’m kind of beating myself up for not getting it on the blog sooner.

I quit my job.

There, I said it.

It was not an easy decision, as I’ve never quit a job without having something else lined-up first. I don’t view myself as a “quitter”, so this has been a crazy adjustment.

Before discussing the idea of quitting with anyone else, I asked myself a lot of questions.

Am I wanting to quit because I can’t handle it? — Partly.
Have I somehow allowed this job to encroach on my personal life? — Not really, there is simply too much work.
Is the stress avoidable? — Not if I want to stay on top of my tasks.
Do I care too much about my work that I am incapable of delegating? — Yes.

Between answering these questions and doing a lot of “soul-searching”, I came to the conclusion that staying in my job was not healthy for me anymore.

I am so lucky to have a strong, incredibly supportive and understanding other half – my fiancĂ©, Richard. We spent hours discussing the pros and cons of me leaving my job. The job wasn’t something that I saw myself doing long-term. My background is in art and education, not clinical research or administrative work. I was having work dreams (or should I say nightmares?), bringing work home every other day, stressing about vacation plans, you name it. Not to mention, I’m planning a wedding! I was overwhelmed.

Richard told me, “Do what you need to do.” He reassured me that we’d be fine.

So, I did it.

My new goal is to find my passion. I’m currently reading 20 Something, 20 Everything, and I’m really loving the introspective approach that it offers. I just want to do something that is meaningful. Even if it doesn’t seem like something that will rake in the cash, I want to discover my niche. I want to be excited about getting out of bed in the morning, so that I can go to X job or work on X task.

Our lives are too short to spend dreading or hating what we do every single day.

Best Day

It’s time to work on myself.

xo Cassie