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Best Foot Forward

Um, Rich and I are running a half-marathon in 18 days.

Where did the time go?!

We’ll be heading up to PA after work on Thursday, May 15th, and getting to my friend’s house SUPER late. (Thank you so much for putting us up, Tammie!) I’m really excited to have a day to explore the Philadelphia area, as I’ve never been. Oh, and you KNOW we’ll be on the hunt for some good breweries, but obviously we can’t get too crazy, since Sunday is race day! The race itself is in Wildwood, NJ — about 2 hours southeast of Tammie’s place.

I ran 4 miles today and Rich ran 6! We were not too thrilled about it.


But we sucked it up and we did it.

This PA trip is going to be very special, as Tammie and I have been “internet friends” for going on 6 years now, but have never met in person. The story goes a little something like this…

In 2008, I really got serious about my health and wanted to lose some weight that I’d put on in high school (and keep away the impending “freshman 15” while at college). I wasn’t the least bit athletic, couldn’t run a mile without feeling like I needed an inhaler, and surely wasn’t eating the greatest foods for my body. I joined SparkPeople, an online health/fitness/weightloss community (100% free!), and began entering my daily exercises and calories.

Tammie and I “met” on the forums and realized that we had similar weight-loss goals and timelines. We kept each other in-check and held each other accountable for workouts and sneaky binges. Tammie is older, and she knew I was in college, so she often joked “Don’t drink your calories, Cassie!” Ahem, college parties, anyone?

In 6 months, I lost 27 pounds and learned so much about my physical potential.

The rest is history. We are both still very interested in health, fitness, and now, running! So, meeting Tammie AND running a half-marathon with her, all in one weekend — it’s just so fitting.

xo Cassie


  1. What an awesome post…………you are going to have such a fun time with Tammie, and you will love Philly!

    This is such a good pic of you and Rich – did you take it yourselves?
    Way to go guys……..I know you’ll do well in the half marathon.

    Love and hugs – see you at the weekend.

  2. Awww, Cassie, I’m so honored, and I’m super-excited that you and Rich are coming up soon!!! I’ll finally get to meet you! Oh, and we’ll take a little jog on Sunday. 😉
    Can’t wait til you get here……exactly how late will you get here? Us ‘older’ people can’t stay up late, ya know! 😛

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