Countdown to “I do.” – 268 days!

Before getting engaged, I knew very little about what I wanted my wedding to look like. I wasn’t one of those little girls with a scrapbook brimming with magazine clippings of dresses and bouquets or hand-sketched plans for a variety of seating charts…

What would my wedding “theme” be?

I honestly didn’t even know that weddings had “themes”.

I guess I thought that you just picked the colors you like, picked the music you like, and invited the people you like… and kinda threw it all together.

However, now that I am planning my own wedding, I see that those things are the theme. More than likely, the different items and aspects that one likes, essentially, one’s “taste”, will coincide and overlap in some way.

Which leads me to my next point — I hope that whatever I choose, those small overlaps (as minuscule as some of the details may be) will make the event feel complete.

When I think of my dream wedding, I think of words like:


I guess we’ll see where that leads me!

xo Cassie

Image Source: WedSociety Photographed by Sarah Kate