We’ve made it back home to North Carolina after a rainy but fun and eventful weekend in D.C. with my brother Patrick! Believe it or not, it started SNOWING on our way out of the city today.

Yeah, it’s almost April, and it was snowing.


In happier news, today is Mother’s Day in the UK — and even though Richard’s Mum now lives in South Africa, I’d like to wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day! Can’t wait to finally meet you in a few short weeks!

On the topic of family being afar, when I first met Richard, I was amazed that he lived here in the US, alone. I couldn’t get over how lonely it must be for him, with the rest of his family living thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean. He told me that it was a struggle when he first moved to the US. He made friends, sure, but spending time with your family is a much different feeling. He explained to me that he simply has to work a little harder at maintaining those family relationships and bonds. He tries his very best to stay in contact by texting, calling, sending photos, etc — but it definitely takes effort. When you don’t see someone for months, or even years, it can be far too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of one’s own life, between work, errands, and the occasional social outing with friends. But the effort to keep in touch is worth more than words can explain.

I admire Richard. I didn’t know him when he first moved here from England nearly 14 years ago, but I know that he must have been nervous and uncertain of the new life that he was starting. I’m so very happy to soon be able to call his family my family, too. I mean, I feel like they already are!

Spending the weekend with Patrick was great. I love catching up with him — we’ve always gotten along so well. We have never been the kind of siblings that fight much, if ever. Not being able to see my family would be a huge adjustment for me. For example, I get to see my parents and sister pretty much whenever I want. They live 15 minutes away!

I’m not saying that I’m a baby, but I like knowing that I can swing by their house and drop off a dessert that I want them to try, or pop in to see my sister Kara and ask how school is going (UNCW, class of 2018!), or give Lexi (their poodle) a quick snuggle and some treats.

Me and my parents

I always hug my parents goodbye, too. Even when I have plans to see them the next day. Nothing beats a good solid hug from someone you love.

Apologies if this post is a bit sappy, but seeing my brother this weekend got me thinking — we should all make a little more of an effort when it comes to showing our family how much they mean to us.

xo Cassie