Today’s post was going to be a stuffed acorn squash recipe.

WELP, 15 or so homemade crab rangoons later… and it’s a post about the progress in our living room instead.

Don’t worry, I’ll share the crab rangoons recipe one day.

I mean, I have to. Richard said that I earned an extra 5,000 wife points with those rangoons. Yay!

We have decided to paint our living room teal. Valspar’s Gypsy Teal, to be exact. Here’s a couple before / process photos. I suppose they aren’t “official” before photos, since they were taken after we started painting.

Plus, there usually isn’t blue tape all over our living room.

Now, the cat stuff all over the living room… unfortunately, my friends, that IS real.


How many cat trees and scratching posts are really necessary anyways? In reality, none. Because they still choose the couch.


You can see where we have started with the teal!


Haven’t done the edges yet, but I’m loving it so far! Definitely a few more coats needed.

I’ll keep the progress pictures coming, and the acorn squash recipe will make it on here one day.

We’re headed to D.C. for the weekend post-work tomorrow — follow me on Instagram (@beetandbaguette or link top-right of this page) for pics!

xo Cassie