As you may remember, I have been working on quite a few “self-improvement” things lately. Aside from amping up my workouts in preparation for half-marathon training (our official training plan begins on July 16th), I have also been working on turning my brain off and learning to relax.

Yep, I realize these are two completely opposite things. Do you see why I am struggling?!

Aside from this, though, I am working on better appreciating (and not taking for granted) one of the most important people in my life.


When I met Richard, I was working at a local tavern. I had just finished my shift and was enjoying some quiet time at the bar with a beer to calm my nerves before (let’s be honest, probably having another) heading home. He sat ONE seat away from me. The entire bar was empty, and he chose to sit just one seat away. I mean, seriously?

Initially, I was a bit annoyed. Great, this guy is going to start talking to me and then I am going to feel obligated to chat back, because I can’t be rude since it’s pretty obvious that I’m an employee…

He did speak to me. And within minutes, we had initiated a witty banter of sorts, that we were both enjoying. Minutes later, the restaurant became unexpectedly busy and I was asked to help out on the floor again. I apologized to Richard and went back to work. Every so often, I glanced in his direction, just to see if he was (just maybe!) waiting for me.

Eventually, he left.

I wasn’t surprised. I barely knew the guy. I was disappointed, though. Somehow, in that moment, I felt like I had just met someone very important to me. I worried that I may never see him again.

Luckily, he did return to the bar a couple more times. On one of those occasions, he built up the courage to ask me for my phone number. As much as I liked chatting with many of my regulars, I had never given my number out to any of them. This felt different, though. It wasn’t creepy or overly-flirty or pushy, like some bar-goers. I gave him my number and awaited a call or text. A few days later, he called while I was a work, and I played his voicemail over and over, giggling at how nervous he sounded. I texted him back (like I said, I was working!), and the rest is history.


I want to always remember the story of how we met… How special that moment felt to me, that giddy rush that came from quirky and witty conversation, and how important his presence in my life quickly became.


I know, it’s a bit random for a Sunday afternoon post, but I just thought I would share! Hope you enjoyed your weekend — can’t wait for Thursday off and (hopefully, if the weather holds out!) 4th of July festivities!