My goal is to begin writing “Weekend Wrap-Up” posts as a way to share some tidbits from my (hopefully) eventful weekends (hey, some weekends are best spent doing absolutely NOTHING). Perhaps a recipe, info on a great restaurant or bar find, a small contribution to the ever-growing collection of cat pictures that this blog has quite possibly become.

Wait, what?

Oh right, cats.

photo (2)

Richard and I (and Gretchen– I mean, look at her) slept in A LOT.

Like, until noon.


We’ve been getting up to walk/run every weekday morning (I know, psychotic), so the weekend called for ridiculous amounts of sleep. We did some gardening, too. Replanted some lilies. They look much more cohesive, and not just scattered all over the front yard — I don’t quite know what I was thinking when I said to Rich, “How about one here… one here… and one over here!” It looked crazy. Our basil plants are flourishing, so I’ve been making even MORE pesto, which thrills me to pieces.

We used fresh basil on the pizzas that we grilled on Sunday, too! I threw together mini pizzas with some cute little country rolls split in half. For the first variety, I used sliced mozzarella, halved grape tomatoes, plenty of fresh basil, and Blaze balsamic glaze.

The second pizza was topped with MorningStar Buffalo Chik patties, crumbled blue cheese, and Frank’s RedHot. DELISH. The perfect buffalo “chicken” fix for us non-meat-eaters.


As the sun began to set, the humid NC June air cooled off a bit, and we were able to enjoy our pizza party al fresco!




Also, I have a thing for brussels sprouts. These were cooked in a foil packet on the grill along with a little olive oil, chopped walnuts, blue cheese, salt, and pepper. Mmmm…


Seriously, though. Pizza. On the grill. Without all the dough-kneading. Do it. Yum!