Hibernation mode is (cough, hopefully) finally over!

Not for Merlin, though.

He and the other kitties hibernate all year long, I’m afraid.


But seriously, what a gorgeous weekend.

We’ve had amazing weather here in North Carolina lately, and I made a point to take full advantage of it these past two days.

For weeks now, I’ve been dying to plant herb and vegetable seeds along with flowers and bulbs, but the evenings were still seeing the occasional frost, so I was forced to wait.

Today, I got my wish.

Richard stained these lovely new planters…


I planted these little cuties…


Richard also hung some beautiful hanging basket planters that we found.

See him hard at work?


My teeny tiny cilantro seedling got some sun today…


I am pretty pleased with the fact that I planted a handful of various herb/veggie seeds. Fingers crossed that they actually grow!

Guess I should have been crossing my toes, too…


OHMYGOD, I almost forgot to share this adorableness that I found at Target…


I mean, really. Who wouldn’t want to garden using tools as cute as these?!

So, it’s pretty evident that I’m ready for springtime…


Are you?