Thursday was Pi Day. I realize that I’m a bit late to the party, but I DID make a pie on Pi Day, and it was (and still is, we’ve been eating it all weekend) delicious, and quite decadent. This was my first time making caramel… and wow, I was not prepared for the amount of kitchen counter scrubbing that followed. STICKY!

I followed this Food & Wine recipe for Salted Caramel Pie. I was just in the mood for salted caramel and thought, “Hey, why not try that in a pie? Oh look, a recipe!”


So tasty. And with homemade whipped cream on top… Ugh, to die for.

So incredibly rich and gooey.


I even used a pre-made graham cracker crust, just to save me the time and effort.

Hey, why not?

During my pie-slicing attempt (imagine slicing through Werther’s Originals), the crust sadly cracked and crumbled.

Not to worry — I used the crumbled graham cracker bits as a topping!


Make this pie! It’s simple, oh-so-tasty, and… ended up photographing quite well!

Oh right, then this happened today…


Yep, Guinness Cupcakes.

I may or may not have eaten two of them tonight. In bed. While writing this post.

Happy belated Pi Day and St. Patrick’s Day!