I’ve been in the mood for yet another what’s been going on post.

The season is rapidly warming up here in NC — I’m seeing daffodils everywhere, hosting a brunch that migrated onto my front porch, and Rich and I have had the heat off and the windows open since Friday. The cats love it.


Yep, more cat pictures. Perhaps that should be the new theme of the blog?

Anyways, I hosted a girls’ brunch on Sunday with two of my good friends Rachel and Bethany. For some impromptu table arrangements (though, we ended up standing around the kitchen counter and bar the entire time, like always), I mixed some fake flowers with some real ones leftover from the arrangement that Richard brought me to celebrate the day that we met one year ago. I used mason jars (cheap, simple, and always elegant no matter the occasion!) and some ribbon to brighten up the miniature bouquets.


Someone (ahem, a cat, not one of my guests) was later caught with a suspicious rust-colored powder all over their face and tail in the latter part of the morning.

Any ideas?…


It wasn’t this one…


She was too busy studying up on her British Seafood, thanks to chef Nathan Outlaw (and Julie for the lovely Christmas gift!)

I have been desperately doing whatever possible to bring springtime into the house, since the weather has me just craving cut flowers (though not in the same way that my cats do) along with bright colors, and fresh, spring air. A blend of colors and unique textures (like my World Market pillows–we got a Union Jack one to represent Rich and an American flag one for me!) always makes for an interesting interior style.



All in all, brunch was a success! I have the Instagram to prove it.


My brother Patrick, a fan of D.C.-style brunch no matter the location, would have approved.