Okay, so perhaps it wasn’t a party, and instead, more of a it’s-Sunday-and-I’ve-been-drinking-wine-all-day-with-my-girlfriends-and-now-I’m-craving-cheese-and-carbs epiphany.

Nonetheless, delicious pizza happened this weekend.


Everyone has their own method to making pizza. Some use frozen dough, some make their own. Some are sauce fanatics, some prefer a white pizza. Some indulge in meats galore, some stick to veggies-only. Given the fact that I had a pretty decent wine buzz going on by dinner time, (and the fact that Rich and I stick to seafood when it comes to proteins), I decided to make these mini pizzas with just the basics: cheese, veggies, and fruit.

I had some Filone rolls (similar to small baguettes) lying around, so I sliced them in half lengthwise to use as the crusts.

Next, I added thick slices of fresh mozzarella to each pizza, and then split into two variaties:

Halved red grapes, goat cheese, and rosemary…


And for the other, baby bella mushrooms, oregano, and a generous amount of crushed red pepper flakes…


Bake in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese gets all bubbly and gooey, and you just can’t take it anymore.

My favorite thing about making these little guys — SO EASY!
The bread is ready to house melty and delicious cheese!
No kneading!
No rising!
No rolling!
Easy peasy.

Also, the rectangles remind me of elementary school pizza. Which is kind of nostalgic and oddly endearing.

Yum, enjoy!